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Friday, January 14, 2011

Fletcher Henderson.........Part 7 of 7.........(that was a lotta posts, no??)

The last part of the massive Fletcher Henderson post.........sigh**

12th Street blues 2-4-1925 w/ Louis Armstrong
12th Street rag 1931 (As Connie's Inn Orchestra)
A rhythmic dream 1927
Stampede 1926
The chant
The meanest kind of blues
11-14-1924   w/ Louis Armstrong
The St. louis blues
5-12-1927 (As The Dixie Stompers)
The wang wang blues
3-23-1927 (As The Dixie Stompers)
Whiteman stomp
Why couldn't it be poor little me
Wild party
10-30-1924 w/ Louis Armstrong
10-30-1924w/ Louis Armstrong
Worried over you
Wrappin' it up (The Lindy Glide)
Yeah man!
You dirty mistreater  10-1925 w/ Louis Armstrong
You rascal you 1931 (As Connie's Inn Orchestra)
You're in love with love

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