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Monday, January 10, 2011

Links to the missing Trudy Pitts LPs from the amazing Ian Van Groove....

Ok, all you Trudy Pitts fans.........the amazing Ian Van Groove, of  (an absolutely great site that you should visit), sent me a link to Trudy Pitts "Bucket full of soul" , and to Trudy Pitts"The excitement of Trudy Pitts (recorded at Club Baron)" Both are courtesy of this Guy ... at his site (also highly recommended), .

Now......GO...don't stop.....get yer Trudy on!! :)


  1. I enjoy your posts, your comments, shared stories, great old photos, information, and all the great music. Just because music isn't current does not mean it isn't good, there was plenty of talent around. Thanks for all your hard work in sharing this.

    Butch in Utah

  2. Aww, Thanks so much for that. I have a lot of fun spending lots of time putting this stuff together. Part of it is that I have a lot of music, and doing the lists sometimes gets me to listen deeper again to artists that I may not have heard lot of in awhile. When I started doing these, I wasn't sure if anyone would be into the best part is knowing that lots of folks enjoy what I do.....that's pretty cool. Thanks again :)

  3. Hi Barberella,

    Someone linked to my blog from yours and so I found you. And I'm glad I have, finding your planet might just be the best thing that's happened to me this year (I know the year is young but rest assured I'm not trying to be funny and it is meant as a compliment). Will be linking you and visiting often I think.

    I have a question: I notice you come from Evanston. I would love to find out some more about Josephine Taylor who hails from Evanston and released some great soul 45s in the 60s. I featured her on my blog some time ago (and maybe that is how you came to link Feel It?). Do you know of her or of anybody who might know her or be able to shed some more light on what Josephine did after she recorded those singles?

  4. Oh and btw if you should happen to have any info on JT you could email me if you want, you can find the address mentioned in the blurb on the right hand side of my blog. thx Darcy

  5. Hi! Thanks for linking to me. I linked to you, because I really like what you're doing on your page :) good stuff!! You know, I had to say, even though I'm familiar with Josephine Taylor, her music and roots in Evanston.....I've never found any more info on her, either. Interesting. I might have to do a little local digging, and see what I can find. I let you know what I come up with...if there's anything to find. I do know a couple of guys that know a lot of Chicago local band and music history, including a neighbor who sang in a few groups and did some producing and promoting of Southside R&B back during that period. Thanks for dropping that name on me....who knows...maybe I can find something. :)

  6. Thanks for that. It would be great if you could turn something up.