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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jack Nitzsche Part 4.....................

More, more and more............Part 4

A little bit better-Terry Stafford 1964 (JN arr)
A man needs love-Nooney Rickett 1966 (JN pr,arr, horns)
It happens every time-Tim Buckley 1966 (JN arr strings)
It's all in the game-Lesley Gore 1965 (JN pr,arr)
Let the good times roll-Judy Henske 1966 (JN pr,arr)
Let the little girl limbo-Doris Day 1963 (JN arr,cond)
Like someone in love-Bobby Vee 1966 (JN arr,cond)
Like your love-The Explosions 1965 (JN arr-unc)
Little boy-Karen Verros 1965 (JN arr,cond)
Love her-The Walker Brothers 1965 (JN arr)
Love is strange-Ceasar and Cleo (Sonny and Cher) 1964 (JN arr)
Love, look away-Lesley Gore 1965 (JN pr,arr)
Move over darling-Doris Day 1963 (JN arr,cond)
Mr. Soul-Everly Brothers 1984 (JN arr)
Music City-The Pleasures 1964 (JN arr)
My girl-Billy Ford 1964 (JN co-wr,arr)
Needles and pins-Jackie DeShannon 1963 (JN co-wr,arr)
No matter what you do-Lesley Gore 1966 (JN pr,arr)
Nobody but you-Marty Balin 1962 (JN keyboards)
Nobody needs your love more than I do-Tammy Grimes 1966 (JN pr, arr)
Not for me-Bobby Darin 1963
Not the lovin' kind-Dino, Desi and Billy 1965 (JN co-arr)
Off and running-Lesley Gore 1966 (JN cond)
Old devil moon-Hank and Dean 1962 (JN arr,cond)
Old town-Jack Nitzsche 1963
One flew over the cuckoo's nest-Jack Nitzsche 1976  
Only one-The Castells 1962 (JN arr)
Oriental garden-Ramona King and group 1962 (JN arr)
The lonely surfer-Jack Nitzsche 1963
The magnificent seven-Jack Nitzsche 1963

I'm amazed at the number of downloads for this series.....LOVE IT!! These lists are so fun to compile.....I feel like I'm listening to an AM station on my Dad's transistor radio as a really little kid while I'm doing these. Funny, I got an email from someone saying pretty much the same. Isn't it funny that what passes for oldies radio NEVER plays any of these cuts? lol.


  1. MAN I love those suits and the skinny ties!

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  3. AND

    Everyone acknowledges the impact Phil Spector had on 60s pop sounds, usually in the first breath out of their mouths. Nitzsche is cited but I am uncertain how many people understand how important he really was.

    I can't remember whether it's been mentioned in one of the earlier posts (must have been) but the '65 Stones, and therefore a very young Keith, spent time in the studio with him.

  4. I really recommend the Spectropop page on Nitzsche...great info. In fact, I used the discography as a base for the songs that I dug of of my stuff for it.

  5. Good morning Barberella;
    thanks for this List - and a question? Maybe you have some more good stuff from Judy Henske? I love her way of singing very much.
    Again thanks for your good work.

  6. I do think that I hae a bit more of her....I'll check :)

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