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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Slauson.....

The kids in Bristol may have been as hot as a pistol when they did the Bristol Stomp, but what about the kids in Slauson?

There was a dance called the Slauson, and songs about the Slauson, and songs that referenced doing the Slauson, but until a friend e-mailed me suggesting that i investigate a song called 'Slauson Shuffle Time,' i didn't know it existed.

Or maybe i did. the Chubby Checker of the Slauson, a fellow named Round Robin, had a single i was aware of called "Kick That Little Foot Sally Ann,' which was an early composition of LA songwriter P.F. Sloan (arranged by Jack Nitzsche), and in that song, Mr. Robin mentions Sally doing the Slauson. so kicking one's little foot must have been a signature move in this line dance.

There were other Slauson recordings. Don Julian and the Larks, on Money Records, were much stronger champions of the Jerk ('Keep On Jerkin',' 'Jerk Once More,' 'Mickey's East Coast Jerk,' etc.), and their 'Slauson Shuffle' barely registers in their Jerk-centric oeuvre. An LA instrumental group called The Romancers likewise had a version of 'Slauson Shuffle," and a cut called 'Slauson Sax.'

Round Robin had a bunch of Slauson songs, which were heavily promoted on Lloyd Thaxton's tv dance party show. In fact, the LP that features Round does not have him on the cover, but rather a shot of Thaxton.

'Slauson Shuffle Time' was rewritten as 'Harlem Shuffle' by Bob & Earl, and later covered by the Rolling Stones. so the Stones are one degree of separation from the Slauson.

Does anyone out there remember seeing kids doing the Slauson?

I was just thinking of The Slauson....I'm getting ready to post the next part of the Darlene Love list, and I have two songs by Round Robin w/ great backing vocals by The Blossoms and Darlene:  "Do the Slauson", and "Kick that little foor Sally Ann" they be :)

Oh, and.....this other "Slauson" recording, by The Olympics:

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