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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anita O'Day Part 5...................

Anita! Part 5...........

A lover is blue 1954 From 'Jazz 'round midnight'
Let me off Uptown 1941 w/ Krupa
Let me off Uptown 1956 From 'Drummer man' w/ Krupa
Let's begin 1956 From 'Pick Yourself Up with Anita O'Day'
Let's face the music and dance 1956 'Pick Yourself Up with Anita O'Day'
Let's face the music and dance (alt take) 1956
Let's fall in love 1954 From 'An evening with Anita O'Day'
Let's get away from it all 1941 w/ Krupa
Little girl blue 1960 From 'Swings Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hart  and Billy May'
Loneliness is a well 1958 From "At Mr. Kelly's'
Lonesome road 1945 w/ The Nat King Cole Trio
Lonesome road 1993 From 'Rules Of The Road'
Love for sale 1952
Love for sale 1959 Anita O'Day swings Cole Porter
Love me or leave me 1956 From 'Anita Sings The Most- With The Oscar Peterson Trio'
Lover 1960 from 'Swings Rogers and Hart'
Lovesick blues 1950 w/ Ben Homer and his Orchestra **I never thought I'd say I HATE an Anita version of a tune....well, saying it...hate it!!**
Lullaby of the leaves 1952
Malaguena 1947/48 w/ studio orch led by Ralph Burns or Benny Carter
Man with a horn 1954 From 'An evening with Anita O'Day'
Massachusetts 1942 w/ Krupa
Medley: Black coffee, Detour ahead - 1993 From 'Rules of the Road'
Medley-1954 From 'An evening with Anita O'Day
Memories from you 1945
Memories from you 1959 From 'The Gene Krupa story'
Mr. Sandman 1962 From 'Time for two' w/ Cal Tjader
The lady in red w/ Stan Kenton From AFRS "One night stand 685"
Broadcast, Pacific Square Ballroom, San Diego, Cal., May/June 1944
The man I love -From 1954 From 'An evening with Anita O'Day'


  1. I publically proclaim and confess that I have formally fallen in love one last time.
    I promised myself I would never go there again after the swampy toxic mess that was my last marriage near the end.

    Now, though, I am helpless.
    The only thing that I can imagine (as long as we are doing fantasy world) would be a time machine so I could go back and shake her hand, hear the goddess herself sing in a club.

    What a woman!

  2. Ohp!

    Almost forgot.
    Gawd bless folks like Barb for posting these wooooonderful tunes.

    I might even try one of thoes damned fish so long as there was a Schlitz somewhere close at had to wash it back m'dear. Heh heh.

  3. Ha! I, myself, would go back in time and slap the sh*t outta her for even thinking of first putting a spike in her vein.....but, I I agree with you, though, my love affair with her voice started when I was about 9 years old :)

  4. Could you please reup?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Could you please reup?
    Thanks in advance!