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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another big treat (in 3 video parts) to lead into the Fabulous Darlene Love list....... ;)

ABC's "Shindig".......3 parts from the show, containing just soul....I'm posting this as an additional lead-in to my Darlene Love list, because Ms. Darlene and the Blossoms are the backup singers for most of the performers in these clips.....very, very tasty stuff!! ENJOY!!

****Oh, dig that male dancer in beginning advert for milk.....Bobby Sherman...yeah, really!!****

Ahhhh, HELL YEAH!!....a few more treats....some vids of Aretha from Shindig broadcasts....yup, some with Ms. Darlene and the Blossoms

The upcoming list? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there may be a few things you may never have heard, or may not have heard in a damn long time..... :)

When that list goes up, look for a Jack Nitzsche list, next.....some fairly obscure stuff from the vaults....great tracks!


  1. Hmmmmmm, a revision. I believe that the first Aretha video might actually be from the Steve Allen Show, not Shindig. Anyone?? Correct me if I'm wrong, Thanks. :)

  2. Leon Russell and most of what would become the core of the Shelter People band were the house band on Shindig.
    Leon looks pretty funny with his slick back pre-hippy hair.

  3. The opening graphic Reefa's name at the start of that tune looks suspiciously Shindig-esque so I think you may be right in your initial assessment. Several other posts of the footage on youtube cite Shindig.

  4. I wasn't sure, given the stage setup and the way the band is structured, minus the usual backup of the Blossoms and/or The Elites on this one.

    About Leon and the band, The Shindogs had a lot of interesting musicians during the series run.... Glen Campbell, Leon, Billy Preston, James Burton, Delaney Bramlett, to name a few...good stuff!