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Monday, March 21, 2011

Jack Nitzsche...Part 2

And we're back with Part 2 of the big Jack Nitzsche list.....a very eclectic one. Using the discography on the Spectropop page ( ), I've compiled as many Nitzsche-related songs as I could find.............that's a lotta great songs....enjoy! **(I tried to get most of these in the highest bit rate possible....quality is varied, some of these are in bad shape from old, poor quality 45s)**

Baby that's me-The Fashions 1964 (JN-co-writer)
Be a soldier-Terry Day 1963 (JN arr, cond)
Calling all cars-Davey Summers 1963 (arr)
Crazy arms-Dick Lory 1963 (arr, cond)
Dance on little girl-Thurston Harris 1964 (arr, cond)
Dear (here comes my baby)-Toni Jones 1963 (arr)
Eleanor-Bob Lind 1966 (pr.arr)
Elusive butterfly-Bob Lind 1966 (pr.arr)
Etude in E-Jack Nitzsche (From Chopin '66 LP)
Every window in the city-Jerry Cole 1965 (arr, cond)
Fantasy Impromptu-Jack Nitzsche (From Chopin '66 LP)
Fool fool fool-Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier 1964 (arr)
Force of love-Al Anthony 1961 (arr-unc)
From Jimmy with tears-The Honeys 1963 (arr)
Funeral March-Jack Nitzsche (From Chopin '66 LP)
Funeral Procession-Jack Nitzsche (From Chopin '66 LP)
Giants of Bombora-Christopher Monte 1963 (arr)
Halfway-Bruce and Terry 1963 (arr, cond)
Halfway-Eddie Hodges 1963 (arr, cond)
Happiness-Gary Lewis and The Playboys 1967 (arr, cond)
Hard workin' man-Captain Beefheart 1978 (arr,co-wrA,wrB)
The biggest cry-Hannibal 1961 (arr,wr)
The girl who stopped the Duke of Earl-Dorothy Berry 1962 (arr)


  1. oh MaaaN...

    ANy ChaNCe oF A Re-UP??

    phur Mi LiL ENTiCeMeNT...

    here's mi U/L...

    GaS Co - "YOU'Re ALL ALoNe NoW..."

    1. BaCk AGaiN...
      JeST WuNNeRiN iF'N iF TheRe's...
      EVN a RoBoT REadiNG TheSes...