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Friday, March 25, 2011

Jack Nitzsche Part 3................

Jack Nitzsche part 3...........

Has she got the nicest eyes-  1967 Gary Lewis and the Playboys
He thinks I still care-1962 Sherrell Townsend
Helpless-1970 Buffy Sainte-Marie
Hold me tight-1964 The Treasures
Hold your head high-1964 Jackie De Shannon
Hung on you-1965 The Righteous Brothers
I can't make it alone-1966 P.J. Proby
I could be so good to you-1967 Don and the Goodtimes
I could have loved you-1962 Sammi Lynn (Gracia Nitzsche)
I didn't have any summer romance-1966 The Satisfactions
I don't want to talk about it-1971 Crazy Horse
I just don't know what to do with myself-1965 Joni Lyman
I keep wanting you-1968 Jackie DeShannon
I miss my surfer boy, too-1964 Westwoods
I only came to dance with you-1963 Pat Powdrill
I ran-1962 Joel Hill
I'm a fool-1965 Dino, Desi and Billy
I'm gonna be strong-1963 Frankie Laine
I'm not Jimmy-1965 Fleetwoods
I'm the loneliest fool-Jack Nitzsche
If I didn't have a dime-1964 The Furys
If I never get to love you-1965 Donnie Brooks
If my car could only talk-1966 L:ou Christie
I'll never need more than this-1967 Ike and Tina Turner
I'm a lovin' man-1962 Young Jessie
In my tenement-1964 Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier
Initials-1962 The Castells
It's in his kiss-1963 Merry Clayton
The cinnamon cinder-1962 The Cinders
The heart of Juliet Jones-1967 Gary Bonner


  1. that's Outstanding!! got carried away.this place rox

  2. It has been one of the most fun lists to research and put together....having a blast doing it :)