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Monday, April 4, 2011

jack nitzsche Part 5.....

Here's part 5...............

Down home girl-Rolling Stones 1965 (JN piano)
Pain in my heart-Rolling Stones 1965 (JN Nitzschephone)
Panic button-Edgar and the Po Boys 1963 (JN arr,co-wr)
Photograph-Ringo Starr 1973 (JN arr)
Play with fire-Rolling Stones 1965 (JN harpsichord arr, tamtams)
Porpoise song-Monkees 1968 (JN arr)
Prelude #1 in C, Op. 28- Jack Nitzsche (From Chopin '66)
Prelude #15 in D Flat, Op. 28 (raindrop)-Jack Nitzsche (From Chopin '66)
Prelude #3 in G, Op. 28-Jack Nitzsche (From Chopin '66)
Prelude #4, in G-Jack Nitzsche (From Chopin '66)
Prelude #6 in D, Op. 28-Jack Nitzsche (From Chopin '66)
Puddin' N tain-Alley Cats 1962 (JN arr)
Puerto Vallarta-Jack Nitzsche 1963
Raindrops-The Honeys 1963 (JN arr)
Ready steady go-Marketts 1965 (JN arr)
Revolutionary Etude-Jack Nitzsche (From Chopin '66)
Road to nowhere-Judy Henske 1966 (JN pr,arr)
Rumble-Jack Nitzsche 1963
Run like the devil-Bobby Vee 1965 (JN arr)
Santa Claus is surfin' to town-The Soupy Sales Band (The Wrecking Crew) 1963 (JN pr, arr)
Seein' is believin'-Eddie Hodges 1963 (JN arr,cond)
Should I cry-The Concords 1964 (JN co-wr)
Sister Morphine-Marianne Faithfull 1969 (JN  dir pl. piano, organ)
So young-Veronica 1964 (JN arr)
Some of your lovin'-Emil O'Connor 1963 (JN arr)

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