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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Complete Charlie Christian Volume 5..........

Volume 5 of 9.............

01 - Royal Garden Blues
02 - Royal Garden Blues
03 - Royal Garden Blues
04 - As Long As I Live
05 - As Long As I Live
06 - Benny's Bugle
07 - Benny's Bugle
08 - Benny's Bugle
09 - Benny's Bugle
10 - Wholly Cats
11 - Honeysuckle Rose
12 - Breakfast Feud
13 - Breakfast Feud
14 - Breakfast Feud
15 - Breakfast Feud
16 - Breakfast Feud

Volume 5 resumes with the Goodman Sextet studio session of November 7, 1940 and continues through to the first part of another on December 19, 1940.
Remainder of the session from November 7, 1940:

*   “Royal Garden Blues”     all takes   (-3 thru -1)
*   “As Long As I Live”     both takes
First time on CD for master take -1.
CC takes his 8-bar solo on the bridge—each is a unique gem.

*   “Benny’s Bugle”     all 6 takes,  but…
Take 5 is missing the trumpet intro and the theme riffs (12 bars)—kind of a relief after hearing it consecutively so many times.
[Released in its entirety in October 2001 on Masters of Jazz MJCD 189, Charlie Christian • Volume 9.]

The three sextet tunes recorded from The Make Believe Ballroom radio show of November 19:

*   “Benny’s Bugle”
*   “Wholly Cats”
*   “Honeysuckle Rose”
CC’s solo on this recording of “Honeysuckle Rose” has a particularly inventive bridge.

The CD concludes with the first tune recorded by the sextet on the December 19th studio session:

*   “Breakfast Feud”     all 5 takes,  but...
The 3rd take is incomplete—it starts with CC’s complete solo but then the conclusion of the 4th take is spliced after his solo. The only part of this take that has ever been released is the 20 bars of Charles’ solo; not even the 4-bar refrain that precedes his solo has seen the light of day.
However, the next track contains the 4th take in its entirety, issued for the first-time-ever complete and unspliced... finally!

The only item missing from the time period covered by this volume is an unissued We the People CBS aircheck of the sextet playing “Flying Home” said to have been recorded on December 10, 1940.