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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Red Nichols 3

It's about time....finally....Part 3 of Red Nichols

After you've gone-Charleston Chasers 1-4-1927
Ain't misbehavin' (from "Connie's Hot Chocolates") -Charleston Chasers 6-28-1929
Basin Street blues-Charleston Chasers 2-9-1931
Beale Street blues--Charleston Chasers 2-9-1931
Cinderella Brown-Charleston Chasers 2-20-1930
Delerium-Charleston Chasers 5-18-1927
Farewell blues-Charleston Chasers 2-25-1927
Feelin' no pain-Charleston Chasers 9-8-1927
Five Pennies-Charleston Chasers 9-6-1927
Here comes Emily Brown-Charleston Chasers 5-26-1930
Imagination-Charleston Chasers 9-8-1927
Loveable and sweet-Charleston Chasers 7-24-1929
Loving you the way I do-Charleston Chasers 9-30-1930
Mississippi mud-Charleston Chasers 3-7-1928
Moanin' low (from "The little show")-Charleston Chasers 6-28-1929 v=Eva Taylor
My gal Sal-Charleston Chasers 5-18-1927
Red hair and freckles-Charleston Chasers 7-24-1929
Shim me sha wabble-RN and his 5 Pennies 7-3-1930
Shine-Red Nichols' Songcopators 6-18-1934
Slippin' around-Red and Miff's Stompers 10-12-1927
Smiles-RN and his Five Pennies 9-9-1929
Some of these days-RN and his Five Pennies v=Scrappy Lambert 6-7-1929
Somebody to love me-RN and his Five Pennies  10-22-1929 v=Scrappy Lambert
Someday sweetheart-Charleston Chasers 1-4-1927
Sometimes I'm happy-RN and his Five Pennies  1-24-1930
Soon-RN and his Five Pennies. 1-17-1930 v=Wes Vaughn
Strike up the band-RN and his Five Pennies. 1-17-1930 v=Chester Gaylord
Sugarfoot strut-Charleston Chasers 9-6-1927
Sweet Georgia Brown-RN and his Five Pennies 7-2-1930
Tea for two-RN and his Five Pennies 2-14-1930
That's no Bargain -Arkansas Travelers 1-4-1927
That's no Bargain -RN and his Five Pennies 12-8-1926
There'll come a time (wait and see)-RN and his Five Pennies 5-29-1928
There's something in the air-RN and his Orch. 1936

I keep finding more stuff=more lists...go figure!!


  1. Keep 'em comin', girl...we LOVE 'em!

  2. :) There's more.....and yeah, it's a-comin'!! :)