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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Maddox Brothers and Rose Part 3........

Here's Part 3!!

A kiss from your lips
I still write your name in the sand
I want to live and love
I wish I was a single girl again
I won't stand in your way
It's a dark dark place
It's only human nature
Jingle bells
Just one little kiss
Just over the stars
Kiss me quick and go
Last night I heard you crying
Let this be the last time
Little Willie waltz
Lonesome hearted blues
Looky there over there
Love is strange
Mama says it's naughty
Marry me again
Mean and wicked boogie
Meanest man in town
Midnight train
Milk cow boogie
Move it on over
Mule train
My life with you


  1. I've just found your blog & consider it one of the best I know, not only because of the great musical selections (obviously a labour of love) but also because of the quality & quantity of relevant information provided.

  2. Wow! Thanks! I'm just having a hella good, unpaid's like being back in college after a night of drinking, Hi-Fi playing, yelling out "Oooo, Oooo.....didja ever hear this? Ooooo! yer gonna like THIS!!!!!" :)

  3. Thanks for your marvelous blog, and especially the Maddox family. What a spectacular sound, from some great folks. Met Rose out here in Oregon a couple of times; delightful lady who could really sing. All the best,


  4. Cool! She could really her voice :)