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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The death of Western civilization......death? this is the funeral, itself.....

Just remember.....only a couple Thousand dollars, and you, too can buy your child a "career" in the music biz......


  1. The whole Friday thing is scary, just scary. Pop has sucked for a loooong time for this very reason. I think the lowest of the low point started with the Mickey Mouse Club revival of the 90's and has just carried on from there. Ugh.

    On another completely different note, I was wondering if you had any International Sweethearts of Rhythm in your coffers? Just learned about them from this article linked to from Twitter.

    According to the article, their recordings are pretty rare. But there must be something out there! Pretty interesting story.

  2. Hmmm...International Sweethearts of Rhythm? not too much. I had that early 80s LP with them on the Rosetta Label, but I currently don't have it. Hmmm.......I do have them on a radio b'cast, though. I could post it while I do a search for some other stuff :)