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Monday, March 8, 2010

The "Touch my coffee and I'll KEEEEL you!!!" mix for Monday..... it's Monday, and the chickens have spoken. I'm needing caffeine, having just stayed up and watched a playback of Michigan State totally OWNING University of Michigan, 64-48.....I do need to say that again 64-48. There, had to say that again! (gleefully wicked chuckle....) I had just come home from a dreadful park district basketball game that my daughter played watching the Spartan's game was pretty necessary for my morale. kid didn't want to talk about it....they REALLY lost , with a score of 0-2. (Hell, in my universe...BOTH teams lost with a score that bad...). Hey, I suppose the other team won by only one basket..... :0

So, having said (hey, it has caffeine!) a selection of songs about coffee and tea: The "Touch my coffee and I'll KEEEEL you!!!" mix:

Here's the link:

Here's the tunage:

Oldelaf et Monsieur D-Le café nouvelle version
    I just posted a video of it...slightly different version, here. Possibly one of the most delightfully twisted videos I've ever seen....
The Ink Spots-Java Jive
    What? you were expecting me to post the EXACT same arrangement by Manhattan Transfer? ....right. (note-for-note....I kid you not....get this version, k?)
Nat King Cole Trio-Tea for Two
    The standard, via Nat, Oscar Moore, and Wesley Prince. W/ Lester Young on sax (from the "Meets the Master saxes" CD.
Nirvana-Pennyroyal Tea
    NOT a fan of Nirvana.....this is for those who don't do coffee...(FEH! the P*ssys!!) Nivana....grunge...Seattle....FEH!...The groups who ruined hair metal for the rest of us, by knocking it off the charts, IMHO....blahblahblah....Smells like Teen Spirit my assssss......
Anita O'Day-Tea for Two
    The definitive version (well, other than from "Jazz on a Summers' day-Newport Jazz Fest '58" DVD) this version is from the Live at Mr. Kellys-Chicago LP.
Prince-Starfish and coffee
    "Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine, and a side order of ham If U set your mind free, baby, maybe U'd understand Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam" Omg...I still totally groove 2 this song!! never gets old for me.....
Yves Montand-le jazz et la java
    BooYa! Thinkin' Gauloises Brunes and brown-stained fingers....hours of cafe imbibing on a sidewalk at a table under a Campari umbrella....Cough**.....**cough.....
J J Johnson-Coffee Pot
    Nothing is better in the morning than jazz and coffee (AiyYYYYY!! what am I, a F*CKING Starbucks commercial???!!!) I've loved this tune for is coffee....bop works like that on me :) From the Blue Note recording, The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Vol. 2.
Beausoleil-La chanson du cafe
    An excellent live track from Beausoleils' "Live from the Left Coast" CD....
Sanseverino-Les rockers aiment la java
    Rockers like java? doesn't everyone? Nooooo....Nirvana liked....Pennyroyal (??!!) grrrrrr
Cassandra Wilson-Tea for Two
    Not the standard...different song.
Sarah Vaughan-Tea For Two (Chris Shaw Remix)
    Now, for a totally different version of the standard...interesting Chris Shaw remix from the Verve Remixed 4 CD.
The Boswell Sisters-Coffee in the Morning and kisses at night
    Now THIS is the title that sounds sexiest, IMHO.....Mmmm, the combination of morning breath and coffee breath...Oooooo.
Curtis Gordon-Caffeine and Nicotine
    Some not-heard-too-often rockabilly from Curtis Gordon.....this has been a favourite of mine for ages....a theme song of sorts....this kicks ass!
Ella Mae Morse-40 cups of coffee
    Dude, we've all had days like this....Ella woulda dumped him if she'd been on Adderal, as opposed to coffee, IMHO....
Hank Ballard and the Midnighters-The Coffee Grind
    Ok, so this one's a stretch....basically it's a sexual double entendre...but, hey....I haven't caffienated enough yet, so it's a ode to the vintage Osterizer that serves as the grinder of my with it. ;)
Leiber-Stoller Orchestra-Cafe Espresso
    For those who like cheese with their coffee.....Sanka and Velveeta...whatever...
Marianne Faithfull-Black Coffee
    I have a lot of versions of this I chose this fairly recent cover, by Ms. don't hear it too much....nice, tho.
Ambassadors-You're the cream in my coffee
    A very popular song from 1928 written by Henderson, DeSylva and Brown for the Broadway musical "Hold Everything!" and  featured in the Warner Brothers film version of the musical in 1930. Hey, I cold brew and drink mine black, but, I'm making more than equal time here for you cream users ;)
Fletcher Henderson-Teapot dome blues Teapot Dome was a political scandal of the '20s, and nothing to do with tea....a little artistic licence, here, por favor...gr8 tune, k?
Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-Let's have another cup of coffee
    A great depression-era cut from Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians, featuring vocals by Chick Bullock and the Three Waring Girls. It was recorded February 24, 1932.
Miff Mole and his Molers-You're the cream in my coffee
    Another excellent version of the standard
Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant-Caffeine Patrol
    After hearing this you'll understand the me....f*cking amazing stuff on pedal steel and guitar as usual from two of my all time favourites.
Nat King Cole Trio-You're the cream in my coffee
    Yet another excellent version of the standard


  1. What a great mix. Anita O'Day, Nat Cole and my favourite Prince song.

  2. Thanks! Starting to get into how all this works....posting from the collection and all...any feedback is greatly appreciated. Your site rocks, BTW.....very nice!