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Friday, March 5, 2010

A few changes are in order....

I've been getting some feedback on the site so far (Thanks, Mikey A.!!) I'm gonna be starting with making all the songs per day available as a single ZIP file download, accessible via the link at (RapidShare is difficult, because unless you pay for the service, you can only access one mp3 at a time, and have to wait a period of time to continue downloading.) You'll now be able to  get the daily mix, and listen, decide what you like, and discard what you don't. Also, check out the FaceBook page...some videos of some of the artists featured on here. I may also be discarding the random approach over time, and concentrating on different genres each day....this is baby steps...kinda working it out as I go along, and finding what works best. Again, thanks so much for the constructive feedback.....I'll be working to continue improving this as I go along!

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