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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Barberella's daily EYEtunes shuffle dump......

I was debating how to throw together an mp3 blog, recently. I don't know about you, but I do love to get surprised by some seriously random mixes of music...genres that you never expect to see together on a list. When I was younger, the first thing I'd do upon visiting someone new, was to start looking through their LP collection. I think that what you find in the bookshelves and audio archives of people, are very personal glimpses into their character.

That said, recently I've seen FaceBook postings where you're asked to turn on your media player, and list the first 25 songs that come up on cheating to impress people...just post.

I'm think I'm gonna try this approach, here....I have a massive collection of music spanning from Edison discs to current stuff....kewl stuff...AND guilty pleasure stuff, too. ;)

I'm gonna hit shuffle, then post the first 25 that come exceptions...even if what comes up is the guilty pleasure stuff that I'd never normally admit to anyone that I love to hear. I'm gonna try to give you some bio info/reviews/trivia of the artists, and will be open to any questions, comments, and requests. ENJOY!!

I'm not trying to condone illegal downloading, here...uhem...*cough*....if you like 'em, find ' 'em..... we go....

Click to download todays' mix:

And, here's what's up for the inaugural voyage:

Annette Hanshaw-6 feet of papa (1926)
Annette (1901 – 1985) was one of the first great female jazz singers, and ranked alongside Ethel Waters, Bessie Smith and the Boswell Sisters. Known as "The Personality Girl, she recorded prolifically between 1926 and 1934, and was famous for her relaxed singing style, which was well suited to the new jazz-influenced pop music of the late 1920s. This is an early stuff.
Blues Woman aka Marion Abernathy-Voo-It! Voo-It! (1946)
Can't tell ya much about Marion Abernathy, other than that this cut rocks. A little gem that was a regional hit in 1945-46. I've never found much about her, but I love this song. 
Carolyn Cooke-Take me away
Carol Douglas - aka Carolyn Strickland and Carolyn Cooke recorded this for RCA in the early 60s. A longtime Northern Soul dance floor fave, this is an old fave of mine, too. Carol Douglas, as you may know, later recorded "Doctor's Orders", in 1974, a pioneer disco recording.
Dave Gregory (XTC)-36-24-36 (Shadows)-from Remoulds(1998)
A cover version of the old Shadows tune "36-24-36" recorded at home by XTC's Dave Gregory on 8-track reel-to-reel between '91 and '97. Not for commercial release, approximately 50 copies were pressed for friends and family.
Gillian Welch/David Rawlings-Caleb Meyer (1997)
A live version soundboard recording from Acoustic Stage Hickory, NC, in 1997.
Goodie- I wanna be your man (1985)
Classic '80s funk....don't hear this too often.
Hank Ballard-Finger poppin' time (1960)
"Mr. Rhythm and Blues" rockin' it out in 1960 on King records....'nuff sed....
Isham Jones and his Orchestra-I'm so afraid of you (1932)
Jones (1894 – 1956) was a bandleader, saxophonist, bassist and songwriter, leading one of the most popular dance bands in the 1920s and 1930s. I pulled this from a 78, cleaned it up a it is.
James Brown- Funky drummer-Original tambourine mix (1970)
This instrumental is so well known that I won't go into detail....this is the recorded Tambourine mix version.
Jesse Belvin-Love, love of my life (1955)
With the "Bumps" Blackwell Band. Bobby Relf & The Laurels, though uncredited, provided background vocals. Always loved this.
Joss Stone-Alfie mix (2004)
A remix of the title cut from the 2004 remake of Alfie, with Jude Law.
Lazy Lester-You're gonna ruin me, baby
Some Louisiana stomp comin'll like this one.
Little Esther-Aged and mellow blues (1952)
A fine cut from Miss Esther Phillips' amazing voice, dating to 1952, on Federal Records.
Mabel Scott-Boogie woogie choo choo train (1951)
You probably know her from "Boogie woogie santa claus", but this another fine one, from a vocalist who sang with Jack McVea, Jimmie Lunceford, Wynonie Harris, Lorenzo Flennoy, and other popular bands.
Melissa Ferrick-Feel like makin' love (1995)
An interesting cover of Roberta Flack's hit, taken from the 1995 release "Spirit of '73: Rock for Choice", a benefit compilation for the music industry's pro-abortion-rights organization, Rock for Choice.
Milt Trenier-Day old bread (1954)
This 1954 track comes from Milt Trenier, one of the famous Trenier brothers, who were popular in the early '50s. Milt left the Treniers in 1959 to pursue a solo career and can still be found playing in clubs around the Chicago area. 
Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra (v: Frank Luther)-Bottoms Up (1929)
Nat Shilkret was a major force at Victor Records, later at NBC when RCA purchased Victor in 1929. Arranger, conductor, A&R man, recording director - he was a very busy man! He was the director of the Victor Orchestra, Victor's "studio orchestra". Bottoms Up is a tune that comes from George White's Scandals of 1929.
Peter Gabriel-Intruder (1980)
The always wonderfully creepy "Intruder" from Peter Gabriel's 1980 release, 3 (Melt).
Sarah Slean-Lucky me (2007)
One of my all time favourite songs, by the Canadian singer-songwriter-pianist, Sarah Slean. I prefer this version from "Orphan music" to the one on her "Day one" CD.
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings-100 Days, 100 Nights (2007) 
Amazing stuff from Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings. The Dap-Kings are the house band of Daptone Records. They are widely known as spearheads of a revivalist movement that aims to capture the essence of funk/soul music as it was at its height in the mid-1960s to mid-1970s. Though you may know the band when backing Amy Winehouse, groove to Sharon Jones on this track.
Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant-Low man on a totem pole
This rocks! My all time faves, Speedy West, on the pedal steel, and Jimmy Bryant on guitar.
Stuff Smith-Desert Sands
Have violin...will swing! certainly one of the greatest violin players in the jazz history (granted, there aren't Venuti, Eddie South, Ray Nance, Claude Williams and Stéphane Grapelli come to mind) but also one of the greatest musicians in the history of jazz. Enjoy! 
Violent Femmes-Special (1999)
:D....from the live "Viva Wisconsin" CD.
Whiskeytown-16 days (1997)
An all-time personal favourite from the 1997 Alt-country Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown "Strangers Almanac" CD.
 Willis-Smokescreen (2003)
Dig this track from the 2003 Haley Willis CD, "Come Get Some".

Alrighty....we have liftoff. Hope you enjoy this first outing.  Remember, if you like the song...go find the artist, and buy a CD! Please send me any feedback, corrections, or requests. I have a lot of tunes, and can probably post what you're looking for.



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