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Friday, March 5, 2010

25 new tunes for a Friday morning.........

Back again with another set of 25 for ya. Hope you're enjoying some of what's getting listed daily. I've gotten some good FaceBook feedback regarding the content, so I think I'm gonna stick with this method of letting EYEtunes randomly choose what I'm going to post every day...good or bad. I'd love to see some posted comments regarding what you're liking, and not...and what suggestions you have. Thanks again! It's kewl seeing the traffic beginning to increase.

Link to today's Playlist:

And,on that's what the shuffle gave me this morning:

Charlie Parker-Bird Feathers
    I've never been into this elitist/bop fan name dropping thang! I just groove on the vibe I first remember getting as an undergrad at MSU...popping cassettes of these tunes into the stereo in my '56 Chevy, smoking illicit substances, and making the weekend drive home from Lansing to Flint on I-69. The tunes still remind me of driving home at night. I could be mistaken, but as I recall, the personnel on this version is as follows: Parker, Tommy Potter, Max Roach, Duke Jordan, and Miles Davis.
The New Pornographers-The Laws Have Changed
    Neko Case's voice is crack to me :) turn this one up LOUD......
Brigitte Bardot-A la fin de l'ete    I think this was released in 1964 on the LP "B.B.".....not as fun as the charmingly bizarre recordings with Serge Gainsbourg...but heyyyy, it's BeBe!! ;)
Bill Doggett-Passion Flower
    A Billy Strayhorn tune from the 1958 "Dance awhile with Bill Doggett" LP. Ooooo, set that cocktail down, we'll slow dance under the red light hangin' from the ceiling of ya momma's basement.... ;)
Papas Fritas-The way you walk (2000)
    From the "Buildings and grounds" CD....I still like it, even if it sounds like I'm listening to a TV commercial or I'm the kind of person who buys their CDs at a Starbucks kiosk.......whatevah....
Big Jay McNeely-Nervous, Man, Nervous (1953)
    Oh, hell yeah! A fairly big hit on the '53 R&B charts.....finish the 3rd pot of coffee, and go clean your kitchen with this playing LOUDLY......damnit! I DIDN'T say clean the grouting with a toothbrush! ;)
Mercy Dee-One room country shack (1953)
    Another tidbit from 1953's R&B offerings, Mercy Dee Walton (1915 – 1962), recorded this for Specialty Records.
The Bobbettes-Having Fun (1966)
    Of course you know The Bobbettes "Mr Lee", from 1957.....but I find this RCA 'B' side much kewler....
Billy Ward and The Dominoes-Pedal Pushin' Papa (1953)
    Nothing like some MAJOR double! I think this was the "B" side of "The Bells" (which I've always detested)....The Dominoes were a group I learned to love from all the 78s my mom had from when she was a teenager at Flint Central HS...class of '52....she got me into listening to these and loving 'em....yup, my mom laughing as she ironed clothes, singing the bass parts of "60 minute man"....surreal!
Erma Franklin-Gotta Find Me A Lover (24 Hours A Day)
    #40 on Billboard's R&B chart in 1969. This is Aretha's big sister....I believe this was one of her last hits on the Brunswick label. Totally uderrated singer.
Timi Yuro-I Ain't Gonna Cry No More
    Sorry, may think you're one of Timi Yuro's biggest fans...Nooooo, I am! (so there!). The Chicago-born (1940-2004) blue eyed soul specialist had one of the most amazing sets of pipes in the history of R&B......
Anita O'Day-Murder, he says
    This early cut, recorded with the Gene Krupa band never gets old for dad had this early LP of Krupa band stuff, and a bunch of 78s.....I was obsessed with her in high school....still am. Check out the DVD "Life of a jazz singer", and her autobiography, "High Times, Hard Times". You'll be glad you did.
Jimmy Smith-Judo Mambo
    Dang, I love Mr. Smith and his Hammond B3! 'nuff sed.....just listen....wear off some of that coffee, already!
Ann Sexton-You're Letting Me Down
    No, not the tediously depressing, suicidal poet, Ann Sexton......this is the REAL ANN SEXTON, (well, in my universe, anyhoooo), one of my favourite soul singers of the early '70s.....
Les Paul Trio-Dance of the Kordies
    Some pretty early Les Paul...not stuff you hear too often...schweet! I'm not a huge fan of the Les Paul/Mary Ford...the trio was always more my kinda stuff.
Jay Nelson and The Jumpers -Don't You Wanna Man Like Me (1960)
    Oh, just listen...stop reading my crap, rocks ;) 
Buffalo Springfield-Leave (1966)
    I totally have this love/hate thing about Stephen Stills, but that's another novel for another time....this is from the first Buffalo Springfield LP "Buffalo Springfield".
Leela James-Baby I'm Scared Of You (2009)
    From Ms. James' genius 2nd CD, "Let's Do It Again"....retro soul at it's best....I LOVE HER!!
Red Norvo Trio w/ Tal Farlow and Mingus-Good Bait
    Some amazing sh*t! Norvo's vibraphone, Farlow's guitar, Mingus on bass.......just download already...??!! On Savoy....I think about 1950. 
Michael Jackson-Pretty Young Thing (Demo) (1982)
    The much slower tempo demo for the later song that appeared on "Thriller".....
Dexter Gordon Quintet w/ Nat King Cole-Rosetta
    Recorded in Los Angeles, 1943......Harry "Sweets" Edison, Gordon, Cole, Johnny Miller, and unknown drummer.....good stuff!
Lee Fields and The Expressions-Expressions theme (2009)
    AMAZING retro soul, on Stones Throw records....home of Meyer Hawthorne.
Big Mama Thornton-I smell a rat
    I always wanna laugh, but I just LOVE this song......trippin'
The David Grisman Quintet-Pneumonia (1977)
    Ahhhhh! The mandolinist in me still loves this! Never gets old....had the LP for years, and was one of the first CDs I ever bought. Grisman,Tony Rice,Darol Anger,Bill Amatneek, and Todd Phillips. Great record...great band. 
"Baron" Mingus and his octet-Bedspread (1946)
    Charles Mingus and company....nice stuff!

Well.....that's enough for, I need feedback ;) CYA!

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