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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 for Tuesday....!!

Cows.....yeah. I made time for songs about chickens....I'm now giving equal time to our bovine buddies.  Hmmmm....nah, these tunes mostly just have cow in the title...This is the cows, cowboys/girls and beef mix.....have a listen.

Here's the link:

Here's the tunage:

Steely Dan-Black Cow
    "I can't cry anymore, while you run around. Break away, just when it seems so clear. That's it....over now....drink your big Black Cow, and get out of here"  Yeah, so its "cow" in the title only...artistic license? prolly :) An ode to being totally over someone's substance abuse,  from the 1977 Steely Dan LP, "Aja".

Camper Van Beethoven-Cowboys from Hollywood
    "Aren't y'all cowboys from Hollywood"?  From what I think was Camper Van Beethoven's best album, the 2nd one, from 1986, "II & III". If you're a fan of Cracker, you'll prolly like this CD.....Combining bits of ska, country, tex-mex, and 60’s psychedelia, this "surrealist absurdist folk’, stomps along and grows on you.

Bob Wills-Cowboy Stomp
    A western swing classic, recorded in 1941, for Columbia Records, by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. Aiyyy! scary memories of my mom showing me how to Lindy Hop and 2 step to western swing in the kitchen, as a kid....but I digress.....not a visual you need at lunchtime....

Humble Pie-Buttermilk Boy
    From the 1969 Humble Pie "As Safe As Yesterday", their debut album,  which peaked at number 16 on the UK charts. Featuring  Steve Marriott, Peter Frampton, Greg Ridley, Jerry Shirley, and Lyn Dobson.  Not remotely about cows or was just in the mood for it. :D

Tony Joe White-Run with the bulls
     A gr8 instrumental, from the Louisiana-born  singer/songwriter/guitarist  best known for his 1969 hit  "Polk Salad Annie", and "Rainy Night in Georgia".  I think his skills as a guitarist are sadly underrated, this version is from the 2008 CD, "Deep Cuts".

Ella Fitzgerald & The Ink Spots-Cow-Cow Boogie (Cuma-Ti-Yi-Ti-Ay)
    Still my most favourite version of this song, released in 1944 on Decca Records....not outdated, swingingly excellent.....Ella at her ass-kicking vocal best, with Orville "Hoppy" Jones, Ivory "Deek" Watson, Jerry Daniels, and Charlie Fuqua.....the Ink Spots.

The Swallows-It Ain't the Meat
    Yeah, like this is about cows, ....I suppose it depends on the heffa that the Swallows are referring to.....A 1951 R&B chart hit from the Baltimore based "Swallows".

Rosco Gordon-Saddled the cow
    Another 1951 R&B chart hit from the Memphis based Gordon, his very distinctive piano style is referred to as the  'The Rosco Rhythm', known for its accent on the off beat, and is often cited as one of the foundations of Jamaican Bluebeat and Reggae. He made a number of his early recordings for Sam Phillips at Sun Records. Unusual tune.

Johnnie Lee Wills-Milk Cow Blues
    Bob Wills' little brother. A popular band leader and fiddler, himself, this is a 1940s recording of Johnnie Lee Wills and his boys signature tune "Milk Cow blues".

The Psychedelic Furs-Here come cowboys
    From  The Psychedelic Furs fourth album, "Mirror Moves", released in 1984.

Reece Shipley & The Rainbow Valley Boys-Milk bucket boogie
    A 1952 Swingbilly classic, complete with the sound effect of cows being milked....wooot! (I can't say I've ever heard the particular sound in a song......)

The Swift Jewel Cowboys-My untrue cowgirl
    A 1939 cut ....not something you hear too often....enjoy.

Hal Singer-Beef Stew
    An instrumental 1949 R&B hit for Harold Joseph "Hal" Singer, the Tulsa born
jazz bandleader  and saxophonist.....smokin' hot tune.

Imani Coppola-Legend of a Cowgirl
    Tooo fun. That lyric sez it all.....actually, I think its the sample of Donovan's "Sunshine Superman" that weaves through this whole song that has always done it for me....

Tanya Tucker-Somebody Buy This Cowgirl a Beer [live]
    A live cut from Ms. Tucker.....serve it up, 'cuz cowgirls need a cold one, too. From the 1982 release, "Live".

The Intruders-Cowboys to girls
    The excellent 1968 release from the

Ricky Nelson-Milk Cow Blues
    The 'B' side of the 1960 Imperial 45, "You are the only one". I always preferred this version to the 'A' side.....very cool version, IMHO.....

Elton John-Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
    I totally love and respect everything that Sir Elton recorded up to about 1975, when "Captain" was recorded. I really can't tolerate anything released after "Rock of the Westies", also from '75.....gr8 tune, gr8 LP, IMHO.....

Cliff Edwards-Ragtime Cowboy Joe
    Dude, its Jiminny Cricket!! well, the VOICE of Jiminny Cricket, from Disney's Pinochio. This is from an old Ukelele Ike/Cliff Edwards 78.....

David Crosby-Cowboy Movie
    From the totally underrated David Crosby solo LP from 1969, "If I could only remember my name", featuring contributions by Nash, Young, Joni Mitchell, along with members of Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, and Santana.

Cracker-Sinaloa cowboys
    A Cracker cover of the Bruce Springsteen tune, "Sinaloa Cowboys".

Frank Zappa-Latex Solar Beef
    "All groupies must bow down.....In the sacred presence of the Latex Solar Beef"!! 'nuff said....ZAPPA.... :D (from Fillmore East, june 1971).

Funkadelic-Lunchmeataphobia (Think, It Ain't Illegal Yet!)
    From the 1978 "One Nation Under a Groove" LP......ass kicking guitar from Michael Hampton...Mmmmmmmm.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse-Cowgirl in the Sand
    From the 1969 "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" LP.

Rickie Lee Jones-Flying Cowboys
    From the 1989 album of the same name. I think this was one of her best releases....nothing on it that I don't like....

Nat King Cole Trio-Save the bones for Henry Jones (cause Henry don't eat no meat)
    Oh hell yeah.....a favourite! The trio in about 1947, with Johnny Mercer....excellent!

Slim Gaillard-Ferdinand The Bull
    It wouldn't be a list without a 'lil something from the Slim Gaillard Yes, its THAT Ferdinand the Bull, from the story you remember as a kid.....

Louis Jordan-You're my meat
    Fat and Forty, but Lordy, Lordy you're my meat......nah....can't say this is about cows...just heffas.... ;) I just had to add this favourite ;)

Have fun with this list.....I did.....enjoy!


  1. Where is Nikka Costa Ballad of a Cowgirl from?

  2. Never mind. Downloaded and that's not Nikka. :(

  3. Oh, my.....I am so sorry! It's Imani Coppola "Legend of a Cowgirl".....I must've had a brain fart as I was putting up that list (Reminder to SELF: less weed, more caffeine!!) :0