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Monday, March 22, 2010

1964....part I

Without further ado....well some ado...being that the lonnng weekend of being in the St. Gertrude production of the Spring musical is over and done for the year (and a big THANKS to all who came and saw it!).....drumroll......

1964........ MCMLXIV. This is a list for all the folks who'll be turning 46 this year...or for that matter, anyone who either was around back then, or just likes the idea of hearing a few songs that aren't on the usual Billboard CDs that have the greatest hits of that year. (You can get the Billboard "Top 100" CDs easily...although, if you like these sets that I post, and want the known hits...I can easily post them...just ask). Most folks think of '64 as the year of the "British Invasion"...the Beatles 1st album, the Rolling Stones, The Who, etc...but, overall, there was a lot of interesting music that came out that year in addition to just the English groups. This is going to be on a couple links, (4, actually) as I've compiled a lot of songs. Some artists you'll know...some might not be familiar to most of you. It took awhile to find most of these, and I hope you'll like it. As always, I'm taking requests for lists to post. I really appreciate the feedback and suggestions that I'm getting on this undertaking, as its' still pretty new, and I'm just getting a feeling on how to proceed. Remember, I have a LOT of music, and access to even more....let me know what you're looking for....I can post it for you. Thanks, again!

Now....onto to the first list of 1964: Part I

The link:

The tunes:

Eric Dolphy-Hat and beard
    Eric Dolphy passed away in 1964, this is from his last major release "Out to lunch", being avant guard jazz, it's a tad out of place in this mix....but, jazz being my biggest love...I couldn't not put it in....
The Everly Brothers-Gone, gone, gone
    I was reminded how much I've always loved this song, recently, when Robert Plant and Alison Krauss did a cover of it for their "Raising Sand" of the Bros. best, IMHO....
The Honeycombs-Have I the right
    The Honeycombs were an English beat/pop  group, founded in 1963 in North London. This was their one chart-topping  hit.  After that song the interest in the group ebbed away, and they split up in late 1966. The group's most distinguishing mark was their female drummer, Honey Lantree.
The Ventures-Cruel sea
    Not one you hear too often from the Ventures. Excellent instrumental surf music....The 'B' side of "Walk don't run '64".
Dave Berry & the Cruisers-The crying game
    Most folks know this song from the 1992 movie.....Berry was popular in Britain and Continental Europe.  The Cruisers at that time of this recording were made up of John Fleet, Roy Barber, Frank Miles, and Kenny Slade (drums). The cruisers had other lineups, later, and Berry used session guitarists extensively, including Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Big Jim Sullivan.
Eden Kane-Boys cry
    Richard Sarstedt AKA Eden Kane, is known these days for his work as an actor and performer on several of the Star Trek series. In the early '60s he was known as Eden Kane, and went to #8 on the UK charts with this song.
The Pretty Things-Don't bring me down
    A #10 Uk chart hit for the London based group. The Pretty Things were preceded by Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys, which consisted of Dick Taylor, Keith Richards, and Mick Jagger. When Brian Jones joined the band on guitar, Taylor was pushed from guitar to bass and the band changed its name to the Rollin' Stones. The Pretty Things consisted of Taylor, Phil May,  Brian Pendleton, John Stax, and Pete Kitson.
Marianne Faithfull-As tears go by
    Well, while we're on the Rolling Stones bit, I include the Faithfull version of the Jagger/Richards "As tears go by".
Tony Sheridan/Beatles-Ain't she sweet
    OK, many of you have heard this one.  It was recorded on June 23, 1961 at the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Hamburg, Germany with Pete Best on drums, and Bernard Purdie for drum overdubs, and was, released in 1964,  on Polydor Records. "Ain't She Sweet" was an American  album featuring four tracks recorded  by The Beatles featuring Tony Sheridan (except for the t his song with vocal by John Lennon) and cover versions of Beatles and British Invasion-era songs recorded by the Swallows.
The Mojos-Everythings' alright
    The only top 10 charting hit for this Liverpool based beat group.
The Singing Nun-Dominique
    You all know this one. I included it for personal reasons. It brings back some excellent memories of my mom teaching it, and translating it to me as a very young kid.
The Pixies Three-Birthday party
    The Hanover, Pennsylvania trio of Midge Bollinger, Kaye McCool, and Debra Swisher (high vocals) had a regional and top 40 hit with this release on Mercury Records.
John Lee Hooker-Dimples
    Originally recorded in 1956, but this is from the 1964 release, "On Campus", on VeeJay records. This went on to be a pretty big UK jukebox hit in '64.
The Fleetwoods-Before and After
    A later release for the Fleetwoods, known mostly for "Come softly to me", from 1959.
Tommy Roe-Come On
    A '64 #36 chart reaching hit, for the singer later known for the 1969 #1, "Dizzy".
Tony Jackson and the Vibrations- Bye Bye Baby
    An English  bass guitar player and singer who was a former member of The Searchers. This song sounds suspiciously like the Isley Brothers "Shout", IMHO.....
The Honeys-He's a doll
    The Honeys, Marilyn and Diane Rovell, and their cousin Ginger Blake, were a kind of female counterpart to the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson was the producer and songwriter of this tune...and later husband of Marilyn.
Downliners Sect-Baby, what's wrong
    The British rhythm and blues band's first single from '64.
Ella Fitzgerald-Can't buy me love
    Tons of people covered the Beatles in the '60s....most sucked, IMHO. This is a fun cover by Ella.....
Sam Cooke-Good Times
    #1 on Cash Box/#11 on BillBoard, this song has been covered by everyone from Aretha to the Grateful Dead.
The Everly Brothers-Ferris wheel
    Another excellent 1964 release from the Bros. Everly.
Roger Miller-Chug-a-lug
    I still love this song! The song reached #9 on the U.S. charts in the same year, becoming his second pop hit.
Ricky Nelson-For you
    I've always been a fan....but this song has always been a fave....nice....dig that Farfisa organ!
Joe Hinton-Funny
    He began as a gospel singer with the Chosen Gospel Quartet and the Spirit of Memphis Quartet. Producer Don Robey asked the singer to try doing secular tunes, and Hinton began recording for Peacock Records, in 1958. This is his biggest hit, a cover of Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away".
Gene Simmons-Haunted House
    Gene Simmons (not the Kiss guy) had a number 11 hit in 1964 with this novelty tune.

Well, here's VOL. I of 1964......hope y'all like it....look for more to come.



  1. Oh, I've always wanted to hear The Honeys, on account of the Wilson connection.

    I believe Brian fancied Diane a bit at first, but of course it was Marilyn he married. I wonder what might have been had he married a less saintly woman. What she put up with!

  2. True dat....I dont think I could've put up with a near genius going through untreated mental decomp, building a sandbox in my living room.... :0

  3. I can post a compilation of them if you'd like...

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