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Thursday, March 4, 2010

New tunage for Thursday....

Hey....I guess that first venture out wasn't so I'm back with some more stuff. Hope you enjoy it. Again, I'm going random....I'm posting whatever comes up on Eyetunes may like it, maybe not. I hope so, tho. :) Give me feedback if you have it, requests, criticisms, whatever....Remember, if you're looking for something, chances are that I have it, or I can find it fast. 

Link to today's tunes:

Todays' menu:

Dave Clark Five-Don't You Realize (1965)
From the "Catch us if you can" LP.
Buck Washington-Save the roach for me
One of the all-time best '30s 'reefer' songs! Buck Washington (1903-1955) was an African-American dancer, recognized as one of vaudeville's best-known all-around entertainers and innovators. You can't not love this song!
Joan Baez-The Lass From The Low Country
From A 1976 Vanguard reissue of some older Joan tracks.
Brenda lee-Heart in hand (1962)
A single from 1962 that reached #15 on the US charts.
Kay Starr-I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Stuhr Remix)
A interesting remix of a classic Kay Starr track.....I'm not often big on this stuff, but this one is ok, IMHO.....
Angela Gheorghiu; Anthony Pappano: Royal Opera House Orchestra-Puccini: Tosca - Vissi D'Arte, Vissi D'Amore
One of my favourite sopranos, Angela Gheorghiu, singing the Vissi d'arte, from Act II of Tosca.
Estelle-Magnificent (featuring Kardinal Offishall)
From Estelle's 2008 CD, Shine.
Kurt Elling-In The Winelight (2003)
From the Chicago singer's 2003 CD, "Man in the air"....weightless, smooth...always love his voice. Love him live....always reminds me of going to the Green Mill, back in the day....
The Ataris-I remember you
Ataris cover of Skid Row's "I remember you", from the "Punk goes metal"
Funkadelic-Standing on the verge of getting it on (1974)
"Hey lady, won't you be my dog......And I'll be your tree....... And you can pee on me!!!!".....HILARIOUS! gotta love Funkadelic...!!
Santana-In a silent way (live)
What more can I say.....Carlos doing words :) 
Cee Pee Johnson Orchestra-Jumping in the groove
Live from a transcript of a Jubilee broadcast on 12/20/1943...seriously ass kicking!
Regina Spektor-The Ghost of Corporate Future
She's always excellent. I think this one was also on the Weeds Volume 2 soundtrack. I love these lyrics!!
Joe Venuti's Blue Four-Sensation (1928)
I have a thang for early jazz violinists :) This one features Joe with Jimmy Dorsey & Eddie Lang, if I recall......nice!
Barry White-You See The Trouble With Me
It's Barry.....are any words of mine gonna do it justice? nahhhhhh.....
Nat King Cole Trio-Little girl
One cut from the great years of the Trio on Capitol Records. I think this version dates to 1947. 
Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention- San Ber'dino (1975)
"She lives in Mojave in a Winnebago...His name is Bobby, he looks like a potato"!! From "One size fits all".....'nuff sed....
From the Fijate Bien CD......One of my favourite singer/songwriter/guitarists.
Lucinda Williams-Wrap my head around that
"I can't believe i believed you when I found out where you're at and findin' out why you're too much if i can wrap my head around that...."........She F*ckin rules....thaz all.
Cracker-Trials And Tribulations
From "Gentleman's Blues"....nice.
Amy Winehouse-Someone To Watch Over Me (Original Demo)
A really interesting rendition of the standard....when I first heard it, I was surprised.
Mitty Collier-Git out
Truly one of my favourite '60s soul singers, and I believe she's still in Chicago. I've heard that she's a minister on the South Side.
The Lost Fingers-Billie Jean
The marvelous Quebec City jazz manouche trio do a serious Django on Michael Jackson....tres Cooooool!!
Rodrigo Y Gabriela-Orion
And while we're on the acoustic thing, here's the Mexico City duo with an excellent flamenco cover of Metallica's "Orion".
Art Pepper-Las cuevas de Mario (1960)
From the Smack Up LP....Art's ode to his heroin dealer, Mario (as I recall reading in Straight Life...years ago) :)

Hope y'all find some fun stuff here, today....enjoy your Thursday!

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