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Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Don't worry, it tastes just like chicken mix"

I'm thinkin'...........Chicken (basically, 'cuz it's hard to find songs about tofu....)

Ok, so I'm spending another weekend in Catholic basketball, know....Catholic school basketball....the OTHER sacrament that doesn't get mentioned as often as the Seven ones that most of us are familiar with. "Thou shalt spend every waking moment of primary school through high school accompanying your child to his/her games, spending hundreds of dollars on shoes when they outgrow them every 20 minutes, brag about their wins, provide a shoulder for losses, go to the games of every other child you know, work endless hours of concession booth, or scoring table, find a way to place your child on park district teams running parallel to yours and also in off-season, spend hundreds of dollars per summer for specialized sleep-over basketball camps, so sayeth the Lord our God...". My life consists of searching for fast food in between these, for my daughter....the daughter who has incidentally given up red meat for Lent........hence.....chicken.....songs about chicken.....I gave myself 5 stolen minutes to locate EVERY song that I had containing CHICKEN in the title.....and YOU, dearest downloader...YOU...get to decide if you want to suffer the results of my findings.....Oh, yeah...suffer...there's even chicken yodeling >:D

Link to the "Don't worry, it tastes just like chicken mix" :

And the list:

The Tyrolean Mountain Boys-The Chicken Yodel
    Didn't I say torture was on today's menu?? well, torture if you don't like yodeling....but doesn't EVERYONE love yodeling? Hey, I grew up loving "The Sound of Music", eating Sauerbraten, and having German relatives who loved polka, perspective is a tad skewed....
Jack Hylton Orchestra.-Chick chick chicken
    A very early recording from the Jack Hylton Orchestra, one of Britain's most popular
dancebands, pre-WWII. This recording dates to 1925.
James Brown-The Chicken not everything on this mix is, this is far from it. One of the great James Brown and the the Jb horns' instrumentals............
Big Joe Turner-The chicken and the hawk
    One of Joe Turners' best from the early '50s....
The Dominoes-Chicken Blues
    Heavy on the double entendre as usual, more fun from  Billy Ward and the Dominoes. Recorded about 1952.
Georgia Pot Lickers-Chicken Don't Roost Too High
    '30s old timey stringband stuff from the Pot lickers....kewl
Lynn Roberts-Chicken fat
    Hey you! All that's time for an exercise break....(or exorcise....the chicken demons..whatever)....anywhoooo....what's a mix without an old fitness instruction record? bend over and shake off that chicken fat, beeyotch!!
Zac Brown Band-Chicken fried
    Newer country from the Zac Brown Band
Chicken Impossible-The Nutley Brass
    Oh, c' know you imagine chickens clucking the theme from Mission impossible every time you think of the old TV show. Better yet, owing to my irrational hatred of all things Tom Cruise...I want to leave the original TV theme intact...and make THIS version the official soundtrack of the excrable remake, starring Ms. Cruise..... 
The Tune Wranglers-Chicken reel stomp
    The  old stringband standard, "Chicken reel", courtesy of the '30 San Antonio western swing band.  I'm totally expecting to suddenly hear Foghorn Leghorn start talking..... ;)
Slim Gaillard-Chicken rhythm
    Just 'cuz once isn't enough...bwahhah....I've included THREE, count 'em THREE versions of the Slim Gaillard classic, the last one being a WWII V-disc recorded for soldiers stationed overseas during the war, introduced by non other than Bob Hope.
Amos Milburn-Chicken shack boogie
    A 1948 R & B chart hit, from Amos Milburn.
The Wigs-The Chicken switch
    Nah, I never danced the "Chicken switch"...hmmm, definitely NOT a visual you'd want nestling in your song, tho.
Yma Sumac-Chicken talk
    This tune totally freaked me out as a kid, hearing it on my parents' big blonde Zenith fact Yma Sumac totally freaked me out, in general. I don't know that it has appreciate the art of her voice and range, now, however.....As a side note: I think the chickens are saying "eat beef, you A-HOLE"!!!
Kerry Chistensen-The chicken yodel
    Just in case you hadn't yet gotten over the amazing Tyrolean Mountain's Kerry Christensen with the yodeling course "You, too can yodel".....because....with a little effort.........YOU, TOO CAN YODEL!!! (like a chicken, there!!)
Anita O'Day-Chickery chick
    Even the hippest jazz song stylist had a fair number of early, über corny novelty numbers.'s one fer ya!
Jimmy Smith-Back at the Chicken shack
    My first favourite tune of Jimmy Smith's, as a of his most famous and best.
The Marylander's-Fried Chicken
    A fairly big R&B chart hit in 1953.
Slim Gaillard-Fried Chicken O'Routee
    Dang, is it just me, or did Slim do several chicken numbers? trippin'.
Louis Jordan-Ain't nobody here but us chickens
    Now you know you can't put a chicken compilation together without!
Tony Joe White-Tastes like chicken
    Well, dont it always?? hmmmm?? Again, I hear those terrified chickens whispering "eat beef, you A-HOLE!! better yet, go vegan, you murderous NAZI SWINE!!!" (of, course, being vegan, you have to expect my little bit of propaganda here and there.....)
Mike Seeger- Pork Fat makes my chicken tan
    Futuristic old time string band it.

Th-th-th-that's all folks....'til next time, kids.....


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