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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A little delay on the upcoming list....

A little delay on the upcoming 1964 list....My apologies.

I'm preparing a list of tunes from 1964, as we speak. I'm a tad delayed, as I'm trying to get through this weekend...busy, busy....The list will consist of tunes from the year birth year. I wanted to start doing a few year lists, and figured that '64 was a good place to This won't be a list of typical Billboard charting can get those anywhere. I'm gonna post one that consists of one-hit wonders, songs but known artists that you don't hear often, and tunes that charted in the UK and other places outside of the US. It hops quite a few genres, and the only real criteria is that it was released in '64.

Looking forward to getting this large, unusual list up....have a great weekend!
CYA, Barberella

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