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Friday, March 5, 2010

Is it 4:20 yet??

It's not 420 in my little corner of the universe (operating on the Java Jive incentive plan, hereabouts), but maybe it is in yours ;)

If so...or not....this "intoxicating" little set of '30s gems are just for you! enjoy!

The link:
The list:
The Barney Bigard Sextet-Sweet Marijuana Brown (1945)
     Joe Thomas, Barney Bigard, Art Tatum, Stan Levey, Billy Taylor
Benny Goodman-texas tea party (1933)
     Yes, THAT Benny Goodman.... with Jack Teagarden 
Buck Washington-Save the roach for me
     Notes on this track can be found on Thursday's list 
 Ella Fitzgerald-When I get low, I get high
     "My fur coat's sold,Oh Lord ain't it cold? but I'm not gonna holler 'cause I've still got a dollar...And when I get low....Oh, I get high"
Larry Adler-Smokin' Reefers
     I think "Smokin' Reefers" originally appeared in the 1932 Broadway production "Flying Colors".This version is by jazz harmonica player, Larry Adler.


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