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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The "Audacity of huge" mix.....a big mix of "heavy" hittin' tunage......

Sit back....grab a slice......some Ben and Jerrys Chubby Hubby, a DIET Coke.....get your grub on and have a listen....**belch**

And now....a mix with curves in ALL THE RIGHT PLACES........

Here's the link:

Here's the tonnage of tunage:

k.d. Lang & The Reclines-Big Boned Gal
    This is for all the big boned gals...from Southern Alberta down through all the lower 48....Ahhh, hell...its for all the big boned gals every-damn-where! From the kd Lang and the Reclines 1989 CD, "Absolute Torch and Twang"....Nashville may have never appreciated the big 'ole butch Canadian with the voice of an angel, but I sure did. She never got the respect she deserved for the Owen Bradley produced "Shadowland", IMHO. Some of her later songs have been OK (well, "hymns of the 49th parallel" was and is an amazing collection of tunes) ...but this is still one the best of her earlier CDs, methinks.

Fats Domino-The Fat Man
    Antoine Dominique "Fats" Domino first attracted national attention with this recording, back in 1949 and released on Imperial Records. This song is an early rock and roll record, featuring  rolling piano and  "wah-wah" vocalizing over a fat back beat. It sold over a million copies and is widely regarded as the first rock and roll record to do so. "They call me the fat man....Cause I weight two hundred pounds.  All the girls they love me..Cause I know my way around".....BoooYA!

Roy Milton and his Solid Senders-Big Fat Mama
    "I wanna mama big and round...who can really go to town" Released in 1947....Specialty Records #518, with the Camille Howard hit "Thrill Me" on the flip side.

Big Mama Thornton-They call me big mama
    The 1953 'B' side of "Hound Dog"....yeah, THAT "Hound Dog" (her version trumped the later watered-down Elvis version).  "Well, they call me big mama 'cuz I weigh three hundred pounds..Well, they call me big mama 'cuz I weigh three hundred pounds..I can rock and I can roll and I can really go to town" (yeah, like I'd argue that with a girl who's'd be prayin' to GOD...please lemme b on top, tho) ;0

Curtis Mayfield-Big Mac
    Excellent Curtis Mayfield instrumental from the sound track of "Let's do it again", the 1975 film starring Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby. Hmmmm.....just sayin'....Big thinkin' about a food break, yet? don't look at me....Big Mac-less, here....I'm the world's fattest

Chubby Newsome-Hip Shakin' Mama
    A 1949 New Orleans hit on the  DeLuxe label, recorded with Paul Gayten's band. "Ooooo, I'm goin up on the mountain, to face the rising sun....if I find anything good I'm gonna bring my good man some..."

Bull Moose Jackson-I want a bowlegged woman
    Mr.  Big 10inch's 1948 double-sided hit "All My Love Belongs to You" / "I Want a Bowlegged Woman". I LOVE these lyrics!  "I wanna bowlegged woman, that's all, I wanna bowlegged woman that's tall...I'll fall in love with her right from the start...'cuz her big fat legs are soooo far apart"!!

Carl Matthews-Big Man
    An excellent 1954 hit that straddles that narrow (narrow? ain't nothin' narrow in this set!!) gap between R&B and early rock. Gr8 stuff!

The Rockets-Big Leg Mama
    by Vann Walls And The Rockets' "Open The Door"/"Big Leg Mama", was released on Atlantic Records in 1953. Another excellent tune praising the attributes of the proverbial big leg gal.....praise on!

Jimmy Witherspoon-Big fine girl
    One of the blues shouters' first big hits from 1950. This is live, with Jay McShann's band, and is totally kickin' butt.

Hawks-He`s The Fat Man
    Another '50s offering from the Crescent City vocal group. "Some call me fat, some call me stout, but I got the love all the women brags about"........

Simian Mobile Disco-Audacity Of Huge (ft. Chris Keating) its not "huge" in the sense of the rest of the list.....I'm just digging on that title, k? Another heavily stylized track from the UKs Simian Mobile Disco, an English  production and remix team, consisting of  James Ford and Jas Shaw and Simon Everett.

Paul (Georgia Boy) Kimble-That Big Fat Mama
    "I see a big fat mama....strollin' with a 'lil skinny man...oh she looks so good, strollin' in front of my bandstand". '50s bluesy R&B/rock 'n roll....

Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys-Fat Boy Rag
    The boys during their Tiffany Transcriptions era best ('46-'47), with excellent interplay between  Lester "Junior" Barnard on guitar, and Herb Remington's steel....nice stuff.

Harry Crafton-Roly Poly Mama
    Love it! The 1949 hit, "Roly Poly Mama"....raunchy! :D "I gotta roly poly mama, with her meat rockin' on the bone....and every time she wobbles, a skinny girl lose her home".

Bill Jennings-Big Boy
    A massively blistering track from Bill Jennings, who was the guitar genius for the Bill Doggett Combo during the 1950s.

Wynonie Harris-Lolly Pop Mama
    Hot Damn! "Got a big fat mama, she calls me her lolly pop...when she starts to love me, she never knows when to stop".  "Mr. Blues," had some of the best lyrics, and the baddest bands of the mid '40s-early ' it!

King Bennie Nawahi-Big Feet Rag
    One of the few Hawaiian guitarists during the 1920's and 1930's who could be considered a legitimate contender to the title of "King of the Hawaiian Guitar"...good stuff!..nah, its not just about the fatness....its about the big feetness,!

George Jones-Roly Poly
    I was tempted to post the original version of Roly Poly, by Bob Wills and company, but this cover by George Jones is from the "Sings Bob Wills" LP, from 1962. Oooooo...daddies' 'lil fatty!!!

Louis Jordan-I like 'em fat like that
    Let the cats all criticize, Joke about my baby's size; She's reet with me Because you see:
I like 'em fat like of Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five's best...from 1947.

Johnny Dodds-Piggly Wiggly
    a New Orleans based jazz clarinetist and alto saxophonist, best known for his recordings under his own name and with bands such as those of Joe "King" Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Lovie Austin and Louis Armstrong. Dodds was also the older brother of drummer Warren "Baby" Dodds. This was a side recorded with the Beale Street Washboard Band.
Mika-Big Girl (you are beautiful)

    "You take your girl, And multiply her by four...Now a whole lot of woman needs a whole lot more". Now, I'm not the world's biggest Mika fan, mind you, but, damn....I couldn't do a set glorifying the rubenesque without adding this track.....puhleese!!

Joe Tex-Skinny legs and all
    ........"And don't you worry about a doggone thing a'tall, because there's
some man,somewhere,who'll take you baby, skinny legs and all"


Hey, you......are you gonna leave that chip bag on the damn floor??? what do I look like, your maid???

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