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Friday, April 15, 2011

Chick Bullock Part 3............

Here's Part 3..............

I can't dance (I've got ants in my pants)-1934
I can't get Mississippi off of my mind-CB and his Levee Loungers 1931
I just couldn't take it baby-CB and his Levee Loungers 1933
I must see Annie tonight-CB and his Levee Loungers 193
I wanna sing about you-Jack Norman's Orch.(Phil Spitalny) 1931
I want you for myself- Andy Sanella His Pennzoil Orchestra 1931
I'd rather be a beggar with you-CB and his Levee Loungers 1932
I'll be blue (just thinking of you)-1930
I'll be glad when you're dead (you rascal you)-CB and his Levee Loungers 1931
I'm an old cowhand-CB and his Levee Loungers 1936
I'm hatin' this waitin' around-CB and his Levee Loungers
I'm hummin', I'm whistlin', I'm singin'-Hollywood Dance Orchestra 1934
I'm keeping company-Dick Cherwin and His Orchestra 1931
I'm mad about you-Andy Sanella and His All Star Orchestra 1931
I'm playing with fire-Bob Causer and His Cornellians 1833
I'm so in love with you-The Whoopee Makers 1931
I'm yours-Roy Smeck's Trio 1930
I've got Five Dollars-Ben Pollack Orch. 1931
If I could be with you (One hour tonight)-1930
If I had my way-Bunny Berigan And His Orchestra 1936
If you should ever need me-The Melodiers 1931
I'm thru with love-1931
In a shanty in old shanty town-Ted Black Orch. 1932
Isn't this a night for love--CB and his Levee Loungers 1933
It had to be you-CB and his All Star Orch. 1940
It's been so long-Bunny Berigan And His Orchestra 1936
It's the girl-1931 Bob Haring and his Orch.

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