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Monday, April 25, 2011

Away for a bit, appologies...hope to be posting more of a large backlog of lists and requests soon...

I'm suffering from some chronic lower back problems that are keeping me medicated and prone on the bed for a lot of the day. I have a lot of requests and lists that are on the back burner, and I'm hoping to get them uploaded soon. I do apologize to all who have made requests, lately....I will try to get to all of those asap. Please, continue to request! I love trying to track things down for folks. Thanks, much, really. You enjoying what I put up here really makes doing this a isn't always easy to find the stuff, especially when I don't have it nearby....but just knowing that you guys are reading, downloading, and mostly digging the same old stuff that I like is just a wonderful thing. :)

One good thing: not being able to sit up long and compile the BIG lists works out great for all of you OTR/old radio show are easy to dig out quick and upload. So remember to request them! I just might have what you're craving! :)


  1. Hi Barberella, I'm sorry to hear about your backtrouble. I hope you'll get well soon and being able to do the things you like so much without pain again. So perhaps easy does it. Greetings Adrian

  2. MAn, I'm Sorry to hear of your dilemma. I know exactly what you're going thru. My back sometimes Pain the living daylight out of me... I got Cataflam that helps sometimes... I even did an Xray to see if my spine is curving...

    Tek it easy friend...

    Ps. Thanks for the Annie Laurie Collection.

    Big Up!@!

  3. Lived with a herniated disc 'tween L3 and L4 for years and years. People who have gone 'all the way,' which is to say 'popped' the little bugger, and ended up with surgery tell me I am still better off.
    All, empathy, sympathy & heart-felt commiserations.


  4. Thanks, guys, really. I had an MRI last night, and am seeing a Neurosurgeon this afternoon, regarding the results. Hope it's not as bad as it feels :)