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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys....MORE Presto Transcriptions......

Part 2 for ya..........

Old Shep
Sugar blues
Cotton patch blues
Still waters run deep
Milkcow blues
Dream train
There's a big rock in the road
I love you so much it hurts
Please don't leave me
Dreamy eyes waltz
I'm a fool to care
La Golondrina
The last letter
I care no more
Corrine Corrina
Stay a little longer
Pay off
Cherokee maiden
Osage stomp
You're the sweetest rose
Don't let the deal go down
Molly darling
Yearning just for you
Those gone and left me blues
Little star of heaven


  1. Sweeeet. The best thing about your multi-part list (and there are sooooooo many good things about them) is that, sometimes I see part two of something Ive missed part one of.

    Bob Wills...King of Western Swing...gooooooooooooood stuff!

  2. :) Thanks! It's funny....some days I just put iTunes on shuffle, and mind you it's shuffling thru a LOTTA tunes, and I'll be like...hmmmmm, guess it's a Bob Wills day, or

  3. *Thank you so much for this album, especially for this version of "La Golondrina"! Regards!