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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A few more of the vintage mug shots...........

Ok...this and the next one fascinate me....I had a feeling that this one was a woman passing (and quite well, I might add)...then I saw the next pic...same name/person.....interesting.


  1. These are (for want of a more powerful word) interesting, indeed. I keep remembering a point in the movie "Crumb" where Robert Crumb and his son are drawing faces from a book with pictures of people in an insane asylum from around the turn of the century (the 20th, not the 21st) and it makes me want to get my pen out.

    Especially interesting are the Asian-American criminals. These are faces we didn't learn from old Warner Brothers movies.

    Very compelling.

  2. Hi, Barberella. You must have been working your tail off. An enormous load of posts. Thanks for that. I'm sorry, but I think you made a slight mistake with the post of Monday, April 18. The OTR's with Red Skelton. The links for episode from 3-3-1942 is the same as from 2-17-1942. Iforgive you. LoL. Again the mugshots are impressive. Thanks. Adrian

  3. Hey Adrian...the links are now fixed on the Red Skelton OTRs...Thanks for telling me :)

  4. I saw this mug shot exhibit online a while back. Quite haunting...