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Monday, April 18, 2011

Jack Nitzsche 7

Here's part 7............

When Sunny gets blue-Lesley Gore 1965 (JN  pr,arr)
When you walk in the room-Jackie De Shannon 1963 (JN arr,cond)
Whispering-Nino Tempo and April Stevens 1963 (JN  arr-unc)
Who-Gary Crosby 1961 (JN arr)
Who's driving your plane-Rolling Stones  1966 (JN-piano) 
Why don't they let us fall in love-Veronica 1964 (JN arr)
Why lover-Johnny Gamboa 1962 (JN  co-wr, arr)
Wild life's in season-Lou Christie 1966 (JN  pr,arr)
Will you love me-Westwoods 1964 (JN  co-arr)
Woman in love (with you)-Donna Loren 1965 (JN arr & cond)
Woman in love (with you)-The Satisfactions 1966 (JN  pr,arr)
Yes, Sir, that's my baby-Hale and the Hushabyes (Sonny & Cher, Jackie De Shannon, Brian Wilson, and either Sandy Wynns OR Edna Wright on lead) 1964 (JN arr,co-pr)
You can have him-Timi Yuro 1965 (JN  arr,cond)
You can't even be my friend-The Escorts 1963 (JN arr,cond)
You just gotta know my mind-Karen Verros 1965 (JN arr,cond)
You know what I mean-The Turtles 1967 (JN arr strings)
You make me feel like someone-P.J. Proby 1967 (JN pr,arr)
You sent me silver bells-Lesley Gore 1969 (JN  arr,cond)
You should know I'm still your baby-Sammi Lynn 1962 (JN  pr-unc,wr)
You won't forget me-1962 Jackie De Shannon  (JN arr)
You won't forget me-1965 Peter James (JN arr,cond)
You're all alone-The Gas Company 1966 (JN pr,arr)

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