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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adrian Rollini Part 2............

Here's Part 2............. :)

A mug of ale- Joe Venuti and His Blue Four 9-13-1927
A Thousand good nights - AR and his orch 3-24-1934 v=Joey Nash
Magnolia-Adrian Rollini and The Golden Gate Orchestra (California Ramblers) 5-27-1927
Moonglow-Adrian Rollini Trio 10-5-1939
My baby knows how- California Ramblers 10-25-1926
Mysterious Mose-Rube Bloom and His Bayou Boys 4-9-1930
Nagasaki-Adrian and his Tap Room Gang v=Wingy Manone 6-14-1935
Pardon the glove-California Ramblers 3-29-1927
Put and take (take C)- Joe Venuti and His Blue Four 5-7-1930
Ragging the scale- Joe Venuti and His Blue Four 5-7-1930
Singin' the blues (til my baby comes home)-AR and his orch.v=Pat Hoke 1-7-1938
Slap that bass-AR and his orch 3-27-1937
Small fry-Adrian Rollini Quintette 9-28-1939
So this is heaven-Richard Himber And His Orchestra 1936
Somebody loves me- AR and his orch 10-23-1934
Someone is losin' Susan-California Ramblers As The Goofus Five 7-15-1926
Sorry-Bix Beiderbecke and His Gang 10-25-1927
Stars fell on Alabama--Richard Himber And His Orchestra 1934
Stuff, etc.- AR and his orch 3-17-1936
Sugar-AR and his orch 10-23-1934
Sweet madness-AR and his orch 10-16-1933
Sweet Sue, just you-Louisiana Rhythm Kings 1-20-1930
Swing low-AR and his orch 3-17-1936
Tap room swing-AR and his orch 3-17-1936
The parade of bands- Richard Himber and his Essex House Orchestra 1938
Three blind mice-Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra  (w/Bix and Lang) 8-25-1927
Thru the courtesy of love--Richard Himber And His Orchestra 1936
Tiger rag-Fred Elizalde and his Anglo American Band 1-15-1928
True confession (From Paramount Picture "True Confession") -Adrian Rollini Quintette 12-4-1936
Vo-do-do-de-do blues-Goofus Five 5-26-1927
Weather man-Adrian  His Tap Room Gang 6-14-1935
What's the use of cryin' baby-Jack Purvis  1-5-1930
You hit the spot--Richard Himber And His Orchestra 1936
You're a sweetheart (From Universal Production "You're A Sweetheart") AR and his orch v=Sonny Schuyler 12-4-1936
You've got everything- AR and his orch  v=Herb Weil 10-16-1933

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