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Thursday, April 14, 2011

More wonderful mug shots from the Justice and Police Museum.....

More to come! :)


  1. This blogspot is fantastic!!!!i came back to darlene love..r they gone? thanx so much from Texas

  2. WELL,i finally found them,they r all 3 here..i guess those great mug shots got to my brain.

  3. Hello Barberella, about the mug shots, those are indeed great shots but very sad. I wonder what happened to all these people. But it's better we don't know, I guess.
    I have problems with downloading Charlie Christian Vol. 6 file is not available. Maybe you can do something about it. Thanks anyway. Adrian

  4. I'll reload Charlie for you in a few. Ahh. the mugshots, I have an obsession with them. There is just something about what's revealed in a mugshot...never any glamour or artifice. I think I also like the effect that they have on people who have a rosy view of wasn't really a simpler, nicer time at all on many levels. I think the Americans are worst about that, they mostly have limited education and sense of history and culture, sad to say...also, collectively, they didn't experience two major wars that they had to live through as civilians....directly...right on their doorstep. Just my opinion, anyway.

  5. Ahh, the Darlene Love, I was just checking them after your comment. Glad you were able to get them. :)

  6. I Oughta Be In Pictures...April 21, 2011 at 2:35 AM

    Looks as if A.O. Feutrill liked getting his picture taken, first in 1920, and then again in 1928.

    Love the site!