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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jack Nitzsche Part 6...........

Part 6............

Someone's taken Maria away-Albert Stone 1965 (JN pr,arr)
Someone's gonna cry-Val Martinez 1963 (JN arr,cond)
Stranger on the shore-Jack Nitzsche 1963
Summer day-Kari Lynn 1961 (JN arr-unc)
Summer holiday-Jimmy Griffin 1963 (JN arr, cond)
Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows-Lesley Gore 1965 (JN pr,arr)
Surf finger-Jack Nitzsche 1966
Sweet summer wine-P.J. Proby 1966 (JN pr, arr, co-wr)
Teardrops 'til dawn-Timi Yuro 1965 (JN arr)
Tell me love-Gentle Soul 1967 (JN arr)
Theme for a broken heart-Jack Nitzsche 1963
Theme from Mondo Cane (More)-Jack Nitzsche 1963
Theme from Women of the World-Jack Nitzsche 1963
There ought to be a law-Yolanda and the Charmanes 1962 (JN  arr-unc)
This could be the night-Modern Folk Quartet 1965 (JN arr)
This is worth fighting for-Billy Ford 1964 (JN co-wr, arr)
Venus-Bobby Jason 1967 (JN arr)
Walk right in-The Moments 1963 (JN arr,cond)
Walk with a winner-Gene McDaniels 1965 (JN arr)
Walk with me-Celia Marie 1962 (JN arr)
What about me-Yolanda and The Castanets 1961 (JN arr)
What about you-Charlotte O'Hara 1963 (JN arr)
What am I gonna do with you-Lesley Gore 1965 (JN pr,arr)
What kind of girl are you-Jimmy Griffin 1963 (JN arr,cond)

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