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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The new member of the house.........

We have new baby....Zelda Fitzgerald Von Hindenburg (Sarah's idea....long story), I voted for Ethel Rosenberg (I lost). We were originally putting together names for a boy (Alger Hiss was my fave, or G. Gordon Kitty).....we have a girl, a little 12 week old Zelda! (She's quite the fearless demon, and I'm now sure she will soon be destroying many priceless antique Christmas ornaments)


  1. She's lovely, and Zelda's a good name. At Anchovy World Headquarters we have 5 cats (Jerry, Shadow, Delia, Jacques and Rossi) as well as two Newfoundland dogs, Memphis and Ellie Mae. We are their humble servants it seems.

    Last year our oldest cat William checked out. Totally healthy all his life, his heart simply failed. He was around 18, and he was way too smart to be a cat. Because he was such a vocal kitten, I named him Blind Willie McTell, even though he wasn't blind. As he matured though, he ceased to be a Willie and became a William. Delia is 18 now, so she's our oldest. (I'm sure you have several versions of the tune I named her after in the Barberella vaults).

  2. I relate. Our Spike died last year at age 23. Zelda the fearless is flying through the house, destroying things and taking over Spike's role as the Pomeranian dominatrix quite nicely, already. Patrick the Pom is suitably terrified. :)