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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pt 2....Esther Phillips.....the middle years...........early 1960s-early 1970s

And so we continue today with Part 2 of the Esther Phillips list. These recordings are in two sections, from the early 1960's to the early 1970's. 

And I love him -1965 From "And I love him"
Release me -1963 From "Release me"
'Tis Auntumn -1965 From "And I love him"
Just out of reach -1966 From "The country side of E.P."
Mojo Hannah (LP version) -1963 From "Release me"
Shangri-la -1965 From "And I love him"
I really don't want to know -1963 From "Release me"
Be honest with me -1966 From "The country side of E.P."
Moonglow and Theme from Picnic -1965 From "And I love him"
Tomorrow night -1963 From "Release me"
I've forgotten more than you'll ever know -1966 From "The country side of E.P."
Out of the blue -1965 From "And I love him"
Double crossing blues -1963 From "Release me"
People -1965 From "And I love him"
Hello walls -1963 From "Release me"
I'd fight the world -1966 From "The country side of E.P."
Makin' whoopee -1965 From "And I love him"
Am I that easy to forget -1966 From "The country side of E.P."
The girl from Ipanema -1965 From "And I love him"
Catch me I'm falling -1963 From "Release me"
After lovin' you -1966 From "The country side of E.P."
I wish you love -1965 From "And I love him"
You can't go home again -1966 From "Esther Phillips sings"
Just say goodbye -1966 From "Esther Phillips sings"
I could have told you so -1966 From "Esther Phillips sings"
Everytime we say goodbye -1966 From "Esther Phillips sings"
As tears go by -1966 From "Esther Phillips sings"
The party's over -1966 From "Esther Phillips sings"

The second section of this list is mostly releases from the  early 1970s, including the excellent "From a whisper to a scream".

Justified -1973 From "Black eyed blues"
Use me -1972 From "Alone Again (Naturally)"
I've only known a stranger -1973 From "Black eyed blues"
I don't want to do wrong  -1972 From "Alone Again (Naturally)"
I got it bad and that ain't good -1973 From "Black eyed blues"
Let's move and groove -1972 From "Alone Again (Naturally)"
Let me in your life -1972 From "Alone Again (Naturally)"
Black eyed blues -1973 From "Black eyed blues"
Too many roads -1973 From "Black eyed blues"
Cherry red -1972 From "Alone Again (Naturally)"
You could have had me baby  -1973 From "Black eyed blues"
I've never found a man to love me like you do -1972 From "Alone Again (Naturally)"
Tangle in your lifeline  -1973 From "Black eyed blues"
Alone again, naturally -1972 From "Alone Again (Naturally)"
Do right woman do right man -1972 From "Alone Again (Naturally)"
You and me together -1972 From "Alone Again (Naturally)"
Georgia rose -1972 From "Alone Again (Naturally)"
Why should we try anymore -1966 From "The country side of E.P."
I feel the same -1974 From "Performance"
Performance -1974 From "Performance"
Doing our thing -1974 From "Performance"
Disposable society  -1974 From "Performance"
Living alone (we're gonna make it)  -1974 From "Performance"
Home is where the hatred is -1972 From "From a whisper to a scream"
From a whisper to a scream -1972 From "From a whisper to a scream"
To lay down beside you -1972 From "From a whisper to a scream"
That's alright with me -1972 From "From a whisper to a scream"
Sweet touch of love -1972 From "From a whisper to a scream"
Baby I'm for real -1972 From "From a whisper to a scream"
Your love is so doggone good -1972 From "From a whisper to a scream"
How blue can you get -1972 From "From a whisper to a scream"
Brother brother -1972 From "From a whisper to a scream"
Don't run and hide -1972 From "From a whisper to a scream"

Look next for a list of strictly live performances, from both the 1970  "Live at Freddie Jett's Pied Piper/Burnin'" release, and also from a 1977 live recording, "Live at the Rising Sun Club, Montreal".

Stay tuned..........


  1. This is a very interesting blog! Thanks for posting all of those wonderful pics of R 'n' B performers. Marie

  2. Gee, Thanks!! Hey, if you have any requests for anything, do pass it on.....I love doing thos for folks!

  3. Thank you for the two Esther posts. I love Esther's recordings (especially from the 50's & 60's) & have/have heard most of this, but I'm missing bits & pieces, so these have made my weekend. I wish i could help out with the late 60's recordings! Paula

  4. PS: there are some tracks you don't seem to have included on the "Set Me Free" & "Confessin' The Blues" CDs. Do you have those?

  5. I can try to get he entire CDs up for you if you'd like.

  6. Yes, get the entire cd up. nothing working on here except for excellent reviews and pictures. Thanks