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Friday, November 12, 2010

Kittens....and the damn places they hide......

So I have this desk that I couldn't live without. I spend at least 80% of my day at it.  It's a pre-Civil War era accountant's desk (1850s)...a wonderful, huge, battle-scarred desk. No museum piece, but used....a beautiful desk.  A solid, but fragile old workhorse that's obviously been through over 160 years of constant use. I use the hell out of it. I love antiques, I live with them (trust me, my house looks like a cross between a prop house and a Bennigan's chain restaurant), but I have no real use at home for antiques that aren't built well and designed for another 100+ years of functionality. So, anyway...the desk. It holds a lot of secrets...drawers that I've found really old coinage under, a late 20s celluloid advertising mirror, all sorts of unusual things. It, unfortunately also has all this access to it from underneath and behind (empty of the reasons I had to have it....all the important things you could stash, without anyone realizing that you have to move a heavy old desk away from the wall to get to..empty compartments that open into desk drawers, etc..). Having a new kitten for the first time in 24 years....Ai-Yi-Yi!! I think any burglar or thief would do most well to hire a kitten. She found a compartment I didn't know even existed in the back of this desk. You try working with kitten playing directly under your hands...knowing if you open your drawer, you'll crush them to death, seriously! I just had to say that, as I remembered could I forget....whenever you try to keep a kitten out of something, Lo and behold.....THAT very thing...becomes THEIR favourite thing.......I rest my case. I'm trying to get this damn Lew Stone list researched..........not happening 'til very sorry. I have a kitten to retract and take to bed. >;)

Oh, do look for a Lew Stone list, a Big Maybelle one, and a list of The Barry Sisters, tomorrow....I've been researching and compiling all three, today............Stay tuned. :)

Oh, if you like the pics, they were an experiment  (the cat ones) with some free apps for the iPod touch camera....Lomo filters ('50s-60s toy camera effect), and an odd one that offered paint stuff

The pic below.....just one that showed the desk.....not in it's natural glory, mind you, but just one of "Command Central",  if you will..............

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