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Sunday, November 14, 2010

And while we're on the subject............. ;)

Oh, so laugh then....true, there's no one more Scottish than a Scots-American....except maybe an Irish ;)


  1. The Scots had some good days, like when they invented single malt scotch and curling...then there were the bad days of haggis and deep-fried mars bars...:)

  2. Now I've had Haggis as a child, I wasn't much fond of it. I've been vegan for many a year, so I'm not imagining having any again, soon.... I have to say that vegetarian Haggis didn't get high markings from me when I tried that, either. :0 Ahhh, whiskey, tho....I've no dietary restriction against a wee bit of inbibing....All in healthy moderation, of course.