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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Giving credit here to the amazing Chuckman collection.....A little tribute to Chicago's Edgewater Beach Hotel.............this post is for you Bruce :) Happy Thanksgiving!!

My Aunt (through marriage) played a gig for awhile (jazz trio on piano w/ vocals),  at the famed Chicago Edgewater Beach Hotel, back in the '50s.  Yes, she is around and performing...... in Canada, for many years, now.    Here's a few pics of June "Pepper" Harris.  (Below)

I have a bit of Edgewater Beach memorabilia in my extensive collections, but nothing compares to what exists in the Chuckman collections, at

Here's a tribute to the Edgewater Beach, with some of his collection featured......I strongly urge you to visit all of his amazing pages...... a simply amazing collection!

I'm putting this post up for my husband, today.  Bruce and I had a long discussion last night about his memories of the Edgewater Beach, and of his playing there and exploring, as a kid, when his Aunt June was playing there.....some fun stories. Happy Thanksgiving, "Bunky" ;)

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  1. What a wonderful collection. I often rely on Chuckman's amazing site for photos for my blog of letters from the thirties lgrossman dot com slash trudel. The next post is a letter describing parties at the Edgewater Beach and the South Shore Country Club. By coincidence, I have just come across old family movies of those actual parties. But they run together and I am trying to figure out which parts are at the Edgewater and which at South Shore. I have put them on a YouTube. I wonder if you or your readers can help.