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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards-Amazing Grace 1972

An album I heard frequently through my childhood. Often, I didn't enjoy my Father's favourites....big bands, jazz...funny, that's all I mostly hear these days.....when I was a kid, sitting and listening with him as he drank and grooved to his music...not so cool. This LP, however, I never minded hearing. The Scottish stuff, pipe tunes, etc...I heard a lot, besides having to go to many family gatherings with all the Canadian and Scots friends of my dad's from his Masonic group, and numerous Clan Dundas family get kinda used to it Being that I was a mandolin player, many of the tunes were pretty much ones I knew inside and out. And,  being that my brother was a drummer, I imagine he has a copy of this LP in his collection, still, also........I was just listening to it again, and figured it was good for a post......enjoy.

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