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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A little list all about food and Thanksgiving dinner..........Mmmmmm :)

Just another little fun's dinner time!!

Bunny Berigan-Chicken and waffles
Mary Lou Williams-Goose Grease
Joe Morris-Beans and cornbread
Hal Singer-Cornbread
Doris Day-Tacos, enchiladas and beans
Hank Marr-The greasy spoon
Buddy Johnson and his Orch.-Hey, sweet potato
Sherman Johnson-Hot fish
Jimmy Smith-Pork chop
James Brown-Soul food pt. 1 and 2
June Christy-Shoo fly pie and apple pan dowdy
Big Daddy-Bacon fat
Andre Williams with the Gino Parks Quartet-Pass the biscuits, please
Jack McVea and his All Stars-Tatoe pie
The Marylanders-Fried Chicken
Tennessee Ernie Ford-Catfish boogie
Carl Kress/Dick McDonough-Chicken a la swing
The Robins-The turkey hop pt 1
Cecil Payne-Ham hocks
Fats Waller-All that meat and no potatoes
The four Clefs-I like pie, I like cake
Lionel Hampton-Greasy Greens
Benny Carter-Fish fry
The Ink Spots-Pork chops and gravy
Nat King Cole trio w/ Johnny Mercer-Save the bones for Henry Jones ('cuz Henry don't eat no meat)
The Foursome-Sweet potato swing


  1. I see Jimmy Smith on the about a B3 extravaganza list? :)

  2. What a great idea!! I'm so on that!

  3. Hank Marr doing "Greasy Spoon" is on this list, too....I must've started the B3 list

  4. I just gave a listen to this list....very nice selection.

  5. Thanks! I do hope you and yours had a good holiday, good food, all of that :)

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