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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Something about Mary...............

Ahhhh.......'tis the season (well, 'tis always the season for me)..........a few songs about our Mother, the one who's always there, and loves us warts and all.

(A note from your Mom: There's enough Aves in this list to probably nearly cover you, in the event that you got "too busy" and neglected to pray the Rosary today.....jest sayin')

Andrea Bocelli-Sancta Maria
Sarah Slean-Mary (version from "Orphan Music")
Joan Baez-Mary
Word of Mouth Singers-Weeping Mary
Pink-Ave Mary A
Ashana-Ave Maria
Huong Lan-Ave Maria
Kim Ah Joong-Ave Maria
Luis Gonzaga-Ave Maria Sertaneja
Beth Neilsen Chapman-Hymn to Mary
Bobby McFerrin/Yo Yo Ma-Ave Maria
Charles Aznavour-Ave Maria (live)
Kathleen Battle-Ave Maria
Kokia-Ave Maria
Libera Boys Choir-Ave Maria
Luiz Loys-Ave Maria
Marian Sawa-Ave Maria
Nina Hagen-Ave Maria
Noa-Ave Maria
Paolo Serrao-Ave Maria
Richard Clayderman-Ave Maria

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