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Monday, November 8, 2010

Back again..........grrrrrrrrrrr

Back up and running. The virus was pretty unpleasant, and it took all afternoon to be rid of it. It popped up just after I finished dropping in a new hard drive upgrade. The moment I turned on the computer and went online....bam...virus. Somehow, my antivirus didn't catch it. Geesh.....I'm so switching to Mac when my finances permit!


  1. I've been running a Mac for years and I've never had a virus...these newfangled Intel chips though may make them more of a target. Still, when this old bruiser bites the dust, I'll likely get another Mac.

  2. A houseful of Ipod touches, Ipod Classics, shuffles, etc...and still I haven't had the sense to just chuck the Toshiba, the HP and the Dell, and just save the money to go with a MAC....silly me......'nuff sed. :0

  3. Why not try Linux? I've been using various flavours for years, and have never had a virus. The mac I only use for watching DVD's.