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Sunday, September 26, 2010

This post is an answer to Mr. Anchovy.......... :)

Mr Anchovy, of the most excellent blog, 27th Street, posted several versions of Ewan MacColl's tune "Dirty Old Town", recently. I'm posting this as an all time favourite MacColl tune (God, such a brutal it), "Ballad of Accounting", by Karan Casey (a favorite singer, and member of Solas). Yours was an excellent post....I do love "Dirty old town", too. (((hugs)))


  1. Ballad of Accounting-Ewan MacColl

    In the morning we built the city
    In the afternoon walked through its streets
    Evening saw us leaving

    We wandered through our days as if they would never end
    All of us imagined we had endless time to spend
    We hardly saw the crossroads and small attention gave
    To landmarks on the journey from the cradle to the grave,
    cradle to the grave, cradle to the grave

    Did you learn to dream in the morning?
    Abandon dreams in the afternoon?
    Wait without hope in the evening?

    Did you stand there in the traces and let 'em feed you lies?
    Did you trail along behind them wearing blinkers on your eyes?
    Did you kiss the foot that kicked you, did you thank them for
    their scorn?
    Did you ask for their forgiveness for the act of being born,
    act of being born, act of being born?

    Did you alter the face of the city?
    Make any change in the world you found?
    Or did you observe all the warnings?

    Did you read the trespass notices, did you keep off the grass?
    Did you shuffle up the pavements just to let your betters pass?
    Did you learn to keep your mouth shut, were you seen but never heard?
    Did you learn to be obedient and jump to at a word,

  2. Cheers, and thanks for the shout-out.
    I didn't mention it on my Dirty Old Town post, but I believe the female singer on the Pogues piece was Kirsty MacColl, Ewan's daughter.

    I also want to say that that I love the music you post over here!! Keep up the excellent work you do on this blog. It's very impressive and right up my alley too.

  3. I know Kirsty was on "Fairytale of New York" w/ them, but I don't know on "Dirty old town"...maybe. Karan Casey, who's singing "Ballad", was a member of Solas and has done some excellent solo stuff She has been a longtime fave singer of mine :)