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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The HUGE Annette Hanshaw list........

Annette Hanshaw

From Wikipedia:

Catherine Annette Hanshaw (October 18, 1901 – March 13, 1985) was one of the first popular female jazz singers. In the late 1920s she ranked alongside Ethel Waters, Bessie Smith and the Boswell Sisters.

Her singing style was relaxed and suited to the new jazz-influenced pop music of the late 1920s. Although she had a low opinion of her own singing, she continued to have fans because she combined the voice of an ingenue with the spirit of a flapper. Hanshaw was known as "The Personality Girl," and her trademark was saying "That's all," in a childish voice at the end of many of her records.

Between September 1926 and February 1934, she recorded prolifically. From 1926–28 she recorded for Pathe (her sides were released on both the Pathe and Perfect labels). Starting in June 1928, she recorded for Columbia; most of these were issued on their dime store labels Harmony, Diva, Clarion and Velvet Tone. A handful were also released on their regular price Columbia and OKeh. Although most were released under her own name, she was renamed Gay Ellis (for sentimental numbers) and Dot Dare or Patsy Young (for her Helen Kane impersonations). She recorded under a number of other pseudonyms which included Ethel Bingham, Marion Lee, Janet Shaw, and Lelia Sandford. Starting in August 1932, she began recording for the ARC with her recordings issued on their Melotone, Perfect, Conqueror, Oriole and Romeo. Her final session, February 3, 1934 was placed on ARC's Vocalion label.

Hanshaw made her one and only appearance on film in the 1933 Paramount short Captain Henry's Radio Show, "a picturization" of the popular Thursday evening radio program Maxwell House Show Boat, in which she starred from 1932 to 1934.

Having grown tired of show business, in the late 1930s Hanshaw retired and settled into married life with her husband, Pathé Records executive Herman "Wally" Rose. Later in life, in a would-be comeback, she recorded two demo records, but they were never released. She died of cancer in 1985 at New York Hospital after a long illness; she was living in Manhattan at that time.

Collections of Hanshaw's recording were released on Audio CD in 1999 by Sensation Records. Another revival of interest occurred in 2008 with the indie animated feature Sita Sings the Blues, which retold the Indian epic poem the Ramayana from Sita's perspective by setting scenes from it to performances by Hanshaw. More recently, her 1929 song "Daddy Won't You Please Come Home" was featured in the video game Bioshock 2 in 2010.

For many years it was believed that Annette had been born in 1910 and began her recording career shortly before her 16th birthday. However, it has recently come to light that she was in fact  born nine years earlier, making her 24 at the time of her first commercial recording in September 1926. Her nephew, Frank W. Hanshaw III, has confirmed 1901 as the date on her birth certificate.

The essential sites to visit: (with the great discography)

Hmmmm, Annette....Boy did I have a TON of music to go through. It was great to revisit all the tunes, though. Here's the BIG list. I hope you all enjoy it. There are some tunes that I have put extra notes on...private recordings, questionable, undocumentable ones, etc...If you know more than I, and have anything to add...PLEASE let me know so I can make any necessary changes to the list. THANKS!!

And now, as Miss Annette would say: "THAT'S ALL"!!!!! enjoy..........

Daddy won't you please come home? (from "Thunderbolt") 5-31-1929
Ain't cha 11-27-1929
Ain't he sweet 1-28-1927
Big city blues (From the Fox "Movietone Follies of 1929")  4-5-1929
Black bottom 9-12-1926
Medley: Blue evening-You heavenly thing-what's the reason I'm not pleasin' you (very poor quality) unissued private acetate 1936
Body and soul (from "Three's A Crowd")  10-7-1930
Calling me home 10-20-1926 (fairly poor quality)
Carolina moon 1-11-1929
Cherie, I love you 10-20-1926
Chiquita 8-31-1928
Do, do, do 11-26-1926
You know I know ev'rything's made for love 11-26-1926
Fit as a fiddle 12-2-1932
For Old Times' Sake 6-12-1928
Forget-Me-Not 8-20-1929
That's just my way of forgetting You 9-13-1928
her first recording - 1925 Audition medley (What can I dear after I say I'm sorry/bye bye blackbird/The day that I met you/Don't want nobody but you?/I wonder what's become of Joe?/Has anybody seen my gal)
Here or there 2-2-1927
Here we are 7-24-1929
He's the last word 1-28-1927
Ho hum 5-9-1931
I cover the waterfront 6-3-1933
I get the blues when it rains  4-30-1929
I like what you like 6-1927 w/ Joe Venuti
I love a ukelele 4-17-1930
I think you'll like it 10-28-1929 (INCOMPLETE)
I want to be bad (from "Follow Thru") 3-14-1929
If I'd only believed in you 10-22-1926
If You Can't Tell The World She's A Good Little Girl Just Say Nothing At All 11-1926
If You See Sally 2-26-1927
I'm a dreamer (but aren't we all) (from "Sunny Side Up) 12-4-1929
I'm All Alone in a Palace of Stone (The "Peaches" and Browning song) 11-1926
I'm following you (from "It's a Great Life") 2-11-1930
(I'm Cryin' 'Cause I Know) I'm Losin' You 1-1928
I'm somebody's somebody now 6-1927
In a great big way (from "Hello Daddy")  1-17-1929
In The Sing-Song Sycamore Tree 1-1928
I've a got a feeling I'm falling 5-9-1929
I've got it (but it don't do me no good) 5-5-1930
My inspiration is you 11-8-1928
Have you ever seen a dream walking (I think this is one of her acetates...poor quality, background noise)
Ain't that a grand and glorious feeling 6-1927
All I do is dream of you (another acetate, perhaps...poor quality)
Aw, Gee! don't be that way now  4-1-1927
You must have been a Beautiful baby (private acetate?)
My Bill-(excerpt from Maxwell House "Showboat" radio programme 6-12-33**I have another longer version on here, also...different length)
Blue moon (more of the same...just piano/voice...private acetate, later recording '30s)
Button up your overcoat (from "Follow Thru") 3-14-1929
Can't help loving that man of mine (excerpt from Maxwell House "Showboat" 6-12-33)
Ever since time began  2-20-1931
Get Out And Get Under The Moon 5-1928 OR 8-10-1928
Give me liberty or give me love (From "Broaway Singer")  11-22-1933
Goodnight my love (not sure on this one...private recording? I mostly know this by Ruth Etting)
He's funny that way (another questionable one...any feedback?)
How about you (again...questionable. feedback would be appreciated)
If I had a boy like you 6-16-1930
If I had a talking picture of you (from "Sunny Side Up")  12-4-1929
If you want the rainbow (you must have the rain) 10-19-1928
I Gotta' Get Myself Somebody To Love 12-20-1931
It's the Talk of the Town 9-1-1933
I Wanna Be Loved By You (from "Good Boy")  11-22-1928
I have to have you 11-27-1929 w/ the Ben Selvin Orch.
Happy days are here again (from "Chasing Rainbows") 2-11-1930
Cooking Breakfast for the one I love  2-25-1930 w/ the Sam Lanin Orch.

A Precious Little Thing Called Love (From "The Shopworn Angel")  2-20-1929
Mine all mine 11-23-1927
It All Depends On You 1-28-1927
It Was Only A Sun Shower 9-8-1927
Just Like A Butterfly 4-29-1927
Kiss Your Little Baby Goodnight 11-26-1926
Lay Me Down To Sleep In Caroline 9-13-1926
Lazy Lou'siana Moon 3-10-1930 
Lets fall in love (From the Film)  2-3-1934
Little white lies 7-21-1930
Lonely nights in Hawaii 8-10-1928
Love me tonight 8-18-1932
Lover come back to me (from "The New Moon")  3-15-1929
Maui chimes 1-11-1929
Maui girl 8-31-1928
Mean to me 2-20-1929
Miss Anabelle Lee 8-1927
Moanin' low (From the "Little Show")  8-29-1929
Moon song 1-25-1933
My baby knows how 10-22-1926
My Bill (excerpt from Maxwell House "Showboat" radio programme 6-12-33 ** see note above)
My idea of heaven 4-1-1927
My sin 4-30-1929
Nothin' 4-14-1927
One sweet letter from you 11-26-1926
Pale blue waters 3-10-1930
Rosy cheeks 4-29-1927
Say it isn't so 9-12-1932 OR 9-20-1932
Six feet of papa 9-12-1926
So blue 4-1-1927
Sweet Lei Lahua 11-8-1928
That's why I love you 9-13-1926
That's you baby 4-5-1929
The one in the world 5-9-1929
The right kinda man (From Motion Picture "Frozen Justice")  10-19-1929
The way I feel today 7-21-1930
There must be somebody else 11-23-1927
Thinking of you 11-23-1927
Tiptoe through the tulips with me (from "The Gold Diggers Of Broadway") 9-20-1929
True blue Lou (from "The Dance Of Life")  7-24-1929
Ua like no a like 6-4-1929
Walkin' my baby back home 2-20-1931
Was it a dream 6-12-1928
What do I care what someone said? 4-14-1927
When the world is at rest (INCOMPLETE)  1-17-1929
Who's that knocking at my door? 9-8-1927
Wistful and blue 4-14-1927
Would you like to take a walk? 1-20-1931
You're the cream in my coffee (from "Hold Everything!")  11-8-1928
You're the one I care for 12-20-1931
You wouldn't fool me, would you (from "Follow Thru")  3-15-1929
The song is ended11-23-1927
Who'oo You-oo that's who! 6-1927
Loveable and sweet (From Motion Picture - "Street Girl")  8-29-1929
under the moon 6-1927
Are you happy 10-1927
It was so beautiful 8-16-1932
Manhattan serenade (another later private recording?)
Say it isnt so 9-12-1932
My future just passed (from "Safety In Numbers")  6-16-1930
My man (another questionable one...any opinions??)
Nobody cares if i'm blue (from "Bright Lights")  7-21-1930
Sing a little low down tune 6-22-1933
Sonny boy (from "The Singing Fool") 11-8-1928
So this is love (again, I'm questioning the origin...sounds like her, but a later recording...maybe one of the private acetates??)
Sweetheart darlin' 6-3-1933
Telling it to the daisies (but it never gets back to you) 5-5-1930
There ought to be a moonlight savings time 5-9-1931
 What I wouldn't do for that man (From "Applause") 9-16-1929
When I'm housekeeping for you (from "The Battle Of Paris")  12-4-1929 OR 12-13-1929
You're just to sweet for words, honey O' mine 2-20-1931


  1. Unfortunately, the acetates were processed by a deaf! Somebody who think that it's necessary to kill all the noises in old records. A lot of music were gone along with the noises and a lot of artifacts were placed in replacement, due to a very incompetent cleaning.


  2. I know. I found that to be true, also. I had debated putting them on the list, because of that. However, I did, more out of historical interest than anything else. those are the copies that I have....a friend put them on disc for me.

  3. Great post, you made my day. Thank you so much.

  4. Thank You! It was a lot of fun to gather those tracks together! :)

  5. Wow! Thanks! I love doing it, and I'm so glad that other folks seem to be into the same ear and eye candy that I'm into :) It'd be great if it could be a paid gig, but.....C'est la

  6. Wow...I just saw your site.....f*cking amazing page! I'm going back now to continue browsing that! :) I'll link to you...good stuff!!

  7. incredible post. thx a lot.

  8. I've heard it said that Annette Hanshaw went under an alias when in imitation of Helen Kane on some of her recordings. If that is the case, then why is it that on "My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now (Velvetone 1766-V)" she is listed as Annette Handshaw and on the Diva Label (2766-G), same Track, she is listed as Gay Ellis?