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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Favourite songs of all time.......

This one has been in my top five since childhood.......the harmonies...the pedal steel...the perfect mix of country and pop........**sigh**


  1. So funny....My 12 year old sings with the Chicago Children's Choir, and auditioned this summer for Chicago Lyric Opera and the SCO for choruses in the 2011 season. She sings mostly classical rep, I don't hear her sing around the house often....certainly not Top 40 or pop. So I'm playing this video several times, 'cuz I love this song. Anyway, the tune ends....and I hear Sarah singing the Kay harmony and the chorus in her room....totally nailing it, scary spot-on nailing it. Gotta love that. How many 12 year olds that you know would get into something recorded back in '56? >>>smiling<<<