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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

(The Real) Tuesday Weld..........

I was having a TRTW moment this evening..........(I have those occasionally). Anyway, here's a little sampler of some of my favourites from them, from several CDs.

Bathtime In Clerkenwell (From "I, Lucifer")
Anything But Love (From "The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid")
I'll See You in My Dreams (From "At The End Of The World")
The Ugly & The Beautiful (From "I, Lucifer")
(Still) Terminally Ambivalent Over You (From "I, Lucifer")
Kix (From "The London Book of the Dead")
Easter Parade (From "I, Lucifer")
Daisies (From "The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid")
The Life And Times Of The Clerkenwell Kid (From "I, Lucifer")
The Show Must Go On (From "I, Lucifer")
Heaven Can't Wait (From "I, Lucifer")
The Birds and the Bees (From "The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid")
Apart w/ The Puppini Sisters (From "The London Book of the Dead")
Am I In Love? (From "The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid")
I Love The Rain (From "Where Psyche Meets Cupid")
Return I will to Old Brazil
Cloud Cuckooland


  1. Could you possibly, maybe, post their discography somewhere if you have it? Or just as many songs as you got?

  2. I might have some more to post, I'll check. :)

  3. hi,could you please reupload this, it downloads but fails to unrar.Thanks.

  4. Corrected link will be up shortly. :)

  5. Cool beans!I got it.Thank you.One thing,if I click on your new addy for this it goes to your old one at mediafire but if you copy and paste it works fine.Oh yeah, one more thing,this is good music so it should be ripped at least 160kb (minimal CD quality)

  6. I agree. So, sorry, the files I uploaded were a mixed lot that I'd obtained from several sources.