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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FOUR play....a set of songs four you...groups with "Four" in the title....

Just having fun with the fact the so many groups were the "FOUR this and the "FOUR that"

The Delta Four-Swingin' on that Famous Door (1935)
The Delta Four Farewell blues (1935)
The Four Tunes-Marie (1953)
The Four Sharps-My baby (1951)
The Four Sharps-I'm building a castle (1951)
The Four Shades Of Rhythm-One Hundred Years From Today (1948)
The Four Gators-Wine O Wine (1951?)
The Four Jacks-Sure cure for the blues (1952)
The Four Jacks-The Last of the Good Rocking Men (1952)
Gene Forrest & The Four Feathers-The wiggle (1954)
The Four Blue Jackets-Baby, Baby, Please Come Home (1947)
The Four Blues-Baby, I Need A Whole Lot Of Everything (1945)
The Four Blues-Bell Bottom Trousers (1945)
The Four Fellows-Bend Of The River (1954)
The Four Blues-The blues can jump (1948)
The Four Steps Of Jive-Brown gal (1948)
The Four Tunes-Careless Love (1949)
The Four Tunes With Betty Harris-Chillicothe, Ohio (1947)
The Four Blues-Chittlin's And Pigs Feet (1945)
The Phil Moore Four-Danny Boy (1946)
The Four Tunes-Don't cry, darling (1954)
The Four Tunes-Dont You Run Away (1959)
The Four Vagabonds-Comin' in on a wing and prayer (1943)
The Four Tones-Goodnight baby goodnight (1941)
The Four Pals-If I Can't Have The One I Love (1955)
The Four Clefs-I Like Pie, I Like Cake (1941)
The Four Blues-I'm Gone (1945)
The Four Knights-Just In Case You Change Your Mind (1947)
The Four Knights-Lead Me To That Rock (1947)
King Odom Four-Lucky (1952)
The Foursome-Nobody's Sweetheart (1937)
The Four Blazes-Not Any More Tears (1952)
The Four Steps Of Jive-Oshkosh-Bob-A-Losh (1948)
The Four Vagabonds-The Pleasure's All Mine (1947)
The Four Vagabonds-P. S. I Love You (1947)
The Four Blue Jackets-Rock-A My Soul (1946)
The Four Vagabonds-Rosie the riveter (1942)
The Four Tones-Satchel mouth Baby (1945)
The Four Jumps Of Jive-Satchel mouth Baby (1945) yeah, a different
The Four Tunes
-Someday (1948)
The Four Tones-Someone Over Here Loves Someone over there (1945)
The Four Tones-Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat (1942)
The Four Tunes-Sometime, Somplace, Somewhere (1947)
The Four Blues-Oh Daddy, Please Bring That Suitcase in (1945)
The Foursome-Sweet Potato Swing (1937)
The Four Tunes-Take My Lonely Heart (1948)
The Four Vagabonds-Taking My Chance With You (1946)
Hollywood's Four Blazes-That's A Good Little Old Deal (1945)
The Four Toppers-Jump the waters' fine (1940)
The Four Vagabonds-The freckle song (1947)
Hollywood's Four Blazes-The Big Leg Mama's Fine (1945)
The Four Blues-The Things You Want The Most Of all (1945)
The Four Tones
-Two tears met (1945)
Ella Fitzgerald And Her Four Keys-When I Come Back Crying (Will you be laughing) (1942)
The Four Vagabonds-When The Old Gang's Back On The corner (1946)

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