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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hmmm....the kid's in a ballroom dance class at school, learning the Jitterbug.....

The long, tall drink O' water in the middle is my 12 yr old.....6th grade has a dance expo in November. Sarah is learning the Jitterbug and tango (that's the great thing about Catholic school, ballroom dance classes being forced on a young just don't get that kinda torture in public Anyhow, everything leads to an idea for a list on Planetbarberella..............I thought.......hmmmm.........what would I play if I got to pick the music for the dancers.......5 minutes's the result. Whatever.........something to do :) enjoy! (Hell, I'd dance to it!!)

Walter Dobschinski und seine Swing Band-Dob's Boogie
Stray Cats-Look at that Cadillac
Woody Herman-Woodchoppers ball
Bill Haley-Rock this joint
Louis Jordan-Caldonia
Sam Butera-Bim Bam
Peggy Lee & Benny Goodman-Shady lady bird
Gene Krupa w/ Anita O'Day-Watch the birdie
Jimmy McCracklin-Blues blasters boogie
Jimmy Lunceford-Chocolate
Lisa Stansfield-Blitzkrieg baby
Roy Brown-Shake 'em up baby
Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra-Shufflin' And Rollin'
Johnny Otis & His Orchestra/Billy Robbins-Bring Her Back to Me
Tommy Dorsey Orch-Opus One
Andy Kirk & The 12 Clouds of Joy-Steppin' pretty
Artie Shaw-Let 'er go
Blanche Calloway and her Joy Boys-Line-a-jive
Jackie Wilson-Baby workout
The Shadows-Jitterbug special

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