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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Well, since driving around on Friday night proved so popular...let's go make a wine and party favours run....

Alrighty then!! That last list proved to be pretty download-a-lishious among you guys.....excellent! Let's overdo a good's another little slightly bipolar night driving mix...kinda lowkey and mellow this time......have at it.

Here's the linkage:

Here's today's tunez:

Lenine-a rede (from the Brazilian Latin grammy award winning singer-songwriter...a great way to start a drive...)
Groove Armada-At the river (London's Andy Cato and Tom Findlay doing a chill out fave from 1997, with some excellent Patti Page/Old Cape Cod samples)
Angelique Kidjo w/ Cassandra Wilson-Never know (two of my favourite voices, from both jazz and world music)
B-Negão, Macaco & Nazão Zumbi-Mama Tierra (Some major Spain/Brazil culture clashing from Macaco, with Naz from Nação Zumbi, former Planet Hemp vocalist B-Negão...excellent.)
Kelly Joe Phelps-Sally Ruby (now I'm culture clashin' on ya switching to this from the previous Some Delta blues/jazz/acoustic from Mr. Phelps)
Common-The light (let's take it back to Chicago, now, with Common.....J Dilla produced...excellently, IMHO)
Delinquent Habits-Tres Delinquentes (An oldie for ya...a light up/cruising classic, with the bestest sample of Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass...still lovin' it)
Miles Davis-Milestones  (Well, when you're playing Miles Davis at night in a'd better be in a classic drive faster)
Gak Sato-Green City (This one always combines that vibe of tripping in a '60s department store aisle, with driving through the deserted late night streets of the Chicago Loop to me....)
Darius Rucker/Jill Scott-Sometimes I wonder (Have loved Jill for years, but Darius' voice...has always spelled nightime listening for, not back when he sang with "Hootie"....blecchh...his solo stuff, thankuverymuch)
Björk-Venus as a boy (Ahhh, my love/hate relatiionship with Björk...always alternating between liking and not always 'getting' her.....this is one oldie that I've always gotten...Mmmmm)
Alice Smith-Fake is the new real (I guess the lyrics say it's the best part of the song)
The Dramatics-Whatcha see is whatcha get (always a my head I'm still toasted and annoying everyone by repeatedly playing it in a Chicago dive on the jukebox years ago, but, I digress....)
Cal Tjader-Soul Sauce (Fila Brazillia Remix) (Another excellent remix from the "Verve Remixed" collection)
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan-Mustt Mustt(Lost in his work) (One of the best exports of Pakistan, IMHO...f*cking genius)
 Amp Fiddler-You play me ('Cuz one ass-kickin' J Dilla produced cut is never enough for me)
Soul Coughing-Down to this (throwing a little psychosis into a mix is never bad....a classic from the Soul Coughing "Ruby Vroom" CD)
Hugh Masekela-Mama (Metro Area Birthday Dub) ('Cuz it's Mother's pulled another great cut from the "Verve Remixed" Collection)
The Brand New Heavies (feat Q Tip)-Sometimes (more J Dilla production work)
Cassandra Wilson-32-20 (Mmmmm...that voice...'nuff sed)
Django Reinhardt-Night and Day (it just floats along so perfect....ageless...Mmmmm)
Iron and Wine-Woman King (Unusual to close with this....360 degrees away, genre-wise, from Django....C'est la Vie....I think it works, somehow....hope it works for you) :) Enjoy.

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