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Friday, May 7, 2010

The driving around on a Friday night.....your Co-pilot has ADHD (and perhaps a few chem addiction issues) MIX

Ouch. Here's a mix for (just like the title says) listening to while cruising around in the old Hooptie on a Friday night......well, only if your passenger (who's controlling the tunes) has ADHD, and perhaps an additional stubstance abuse issue, or two.....Have at it.

Here's the link:

Here's the tunez:
Nortec Collective's Bostich+Fussible-Akai 47 (get in the lowrider, esse.....the blotter will set in about when you first make sparks hitting a speedbump with your rear fender....)
Waldeck-This isn't maybe (The blotter must have kicked....I keep hearing Chet Baker's voice....)
Mark Ronson w/Amy Winehouse-Valerie (Amy...'cuz when she's good, she's very, very good...and when she's Amyish, she's.....on TMZ??!!)
Everything but the girl-No difference (I don't know....maybe 'cuz it's not the song "Missing"....)
Da Lata-Alice (no pais da malandragem) (definitely a highway driving song.....)
Holly Palmer-Come lie with me (Always a fave late night driving song)
Shugie Otis-Inspiration information (because it's not really possible to make a "late night drivers mix for the vaguely stoned" without a cut by Mr. Otis)
Algebra Blessett-Run and hide- (It's just right tonight)
Nour-Eddine-Marhabat (well, I said the Co-pilot has "issues", expect genre jumping)
David Gray-My Oh My (.....never get tired of the lyrics to this....)
Archie Shepp- Blues From Brother George Jackson (Mondo Grosso Next Wave Mix) (unusual mix of this)
Gorillaz-Feel Good, inc. (what's a cartoon mix without a cartoon band??)
Japan-Ain't that peculiar (Marvin Gaye À la Japonaise)
 Dirty Vegas-Days go by-acoustic version (Oh, I don't know....maybe because days go by between my posts...which COULD be construed as a good thing)
Biutti 49-Kalas (maybe that blotter was too strong? this tune induces the tingly feeling of tripping in a K-Mart during a Blue Light Special Sale, in 1971)
Amanda Ghost-Filthy Mind(Boy George/Kinky Roland Trancesexual Mix) (not that knowing what is in Amanda's filthy mind is a such bad
Peter Frampton- Double Nickles (Instrumental Peter is never bad, either)
Mary Lou Williams-Play it Momma (sorry....I was trancing out for a moment to the UTTER coolness of Ms. WIlliams....)
Carlos Lyra-Influencia do jazz ('cuz driving for me usually includes a lot of Brazilian tunage)
Kurt Elling/Cassandra Wilson-Time of the season ('cuz sometimes covers are more listenable to me than the original....)
Doobie Brothers-Black water (well, 'cuz sometimes driving around still a little buzzed makes you flash back to when you drove around slightly buzzed 30 years ago.....)
Charlie Parker-Relaxin' at Camarillo (well, the last song very rightly should be Parker's ode to a stay in a mental hospital, IMHO......)

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