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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A little preview of the Nellie McKay Doris Day tribute album "Normal as blueberry pie"

New Eye Medias Killer Filler series presents Nellie McKay giving Doris Day her due with Normal As Blueberry Pie - A musical and interview Tribute To Doris Day. The perfect filler to celebrate the big band era of the 40s into Doris Days later film career.

Ms. McKay has picked up not just antique musical styles, but also a tone thats even more, exasperating, exhilarating, and altogether uncategorizable. Nellies fresh take on music and life with a curtsy to Doris, a nod to convention, and a unique twist all her own, featuring handpicked songs from over 600 recordings by Ms. Day. Nellie, who plays several instruments, and uses four different old-time mics to evoke various moods (all lovingly engineered and mixed by recording maestro James Farber).

Her music has been heard on Weeds, Greys Anatomy, NCIS and Privileged, and she has dueted with Eartha Kitt, Trey Anastasio, Taj Mahal, and shared the stage with Odetta, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello and other notables in aid of various progressive pursuits.

Doris Day is the # 1 female box-office star of all time, and one of the most prolific recording artists in history. In 1977, she became a leader in the animal welfare movement, an important cause for McKay. Shes pursuing a change in the mind-set that allows human beings to treat other species as objects, says Nellie.


  1. Thought you'd enjoy this--I wrote the Doris Day Animal Foundation a while back asking for an autographed photo. I spread out all my Doris Day LP's on the floor and took a picture of my two cats walking all over them--included that in my letter to Doris. Well! What did I find in my mailbox today? An signed photo made out to me and the two cats--by name! What a class act!

  2. I love you!! that is completely the coolest!! Here's a weird coincidence, the other day, our kitten Zelda (who was once "Zelda, the amazing farting kitten", but has since been re-named "Zelda, the fearless crotch warmer"), was sitting on my daughter's lap....I was playing "Everybody loves a lover", by Ms. Day...Zelda got up from her nap, turned around and stuck her butt in Sarah's face, while doing the kneading paws on the legs dance while purring up a storm (basically translated: Zelda is very happy!). We decided that she has a thang for Doris. ;)

    And, being that we all know that Doris Day has a thing for all animals..........that's a good thing :)